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TV Guide Launches Online Video Column

The TV Guide print edition is getting a new high tech column as it was announced today they would be penning a weekly entry about the best television shows available for download or online viewing. “Downloads” will premiere in the May 1 issue.

“Downloads”, said TV Guide, will offer guidance and viewing information so viewers know where they can go on the Web to find the weekly highlighted programs. The initial column will highlight current television shows, such as this week’s episodes of Desperate Housewives and Lost, which are available for streaming from ABC or download from Apple’s iTunes.

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“The digital age has sparked a ‘time shift/place shift’ phenomenon in television program viewing choices,” said Ian Birch, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, in a statement. “Today, we all have the ability to watch many of our favorite programs on our video iPods, or our personal computers. Since television programs are increasingly available and delivered to viewers in many different ways, we wanted to take the lead in providing our readers — all enthusiastic television viewers — the information they need to maximize their viewing experience, wherever that experience may take place.”

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Triton ‘artificial gill’ creators cancel $800K Indiegogo campaign, re-launch with new video
triton scuba mask indiegogo possibly hoax gills

Following a large amount of criticism and controversy over their questionable "artificial gill" technology, the creators of the Triton scuba mask have canceled their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, refunded all of the campaign's backers, and relaunched with additional information.

Just a few days after the original campaign went live on Indiegogo, it quickly came under fire for a number scientifically impossible claims. Specifically, the creators claimed that their artificial gill technology allows users to breathe underwater for 45 minutes, just by sucking water through a porous filter and extracting oxygen molecules from it.

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Modder turns 1978 TV into Chromecast video and music streaming device
chromecast 1970s tv modding modder video still

Modders are driven by a variety of goals, from restoring censored content to getting the best of multiple worlds. For YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine, it was nostalgia that drove him to put a Chromecast in a 1978 TV set to allow it to play Internet videos and music.

The red TV had seen better days when it came into his hands, but he found a way to make it relevant again in an unexpected way. Dr. Moddnstine wanted to save it, so he figured out how to install a Chromecast inside the case. On top of that, he hooked up hardware so that the TV would turn on automatically when he started casting using his phone, tablet, or PC.

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Update: FAA launches investigation into teenager’s gun-wielding drone video
man illegally straps handgun to a drone dronegun1

Updated 7/22/15: The FAA launched an investigation into whether any Federal Aviation Regulations were broken by the handgun-wielding drone.

The Federal Aviation Administration just announced it plans to launch an investigation into Austin Haughwout's handgun drone, saying it intends to determine if the craft breaks any air safety laws or violates Federal Aviation Regulations. Jim Peters, a spokesperson for the FAA, added it will also work with local law enforcement authorities in Connecticut to verify whether or not Haughwout broke any criminal laws.

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