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Ultimate Ears Triples Your Music Pleasure

Ultimate Ears Triples Your Music Pleasure

Boutique and professional earphone maker Ultimate Ears has introduced its new 10 Pro earphones, which take the unique approach of utilizing three separate speaker drivers in each earpiece to deliver high-quality sound.

The new universal-fit headphones offer 26db of ambient noise reduction—more than enough to take the edge off traffic noise or exercise gear—and incorporate not one, not two, but three drivers in each earphone to deliver "blow-you-away" fidelity. Two of the three drivers focus exclusively on bass, providing increased definition and clarity in the lower end which the company claims blends into music rather than overpowering it—and the earphone specs say they’ll pump out frequencies down to 10 Hz, which is below the normal range of human hearing. Meanwhile, the high-frequency driver include a passive crossover to manage low, mid, and high frequency ranges; Ultimate Ears says the 10 Pro earphones reproduce frequencies up 10 17KHz, which is high enough to hear those mind-piercing high-frequency ringtones kids love (and which many adults can’t hear—but some of us can, and we hate them). Two separate bores feed high and low frequency out of the earpieces separately.

For a limited time, the first 1,000 10 Pro earphones will be available as a collector’s edition, and can be pre-ordered from the Ultimate Ears Web site for delivery in late October, 2006. Each collector’s edition will ship with a certificate of authenticity, a poster, a mini travel case marked with the limited edition number, as well as a larger iPod-ready engraved metal case previously only available with Ultimate Ears’ professional products. All units will ship with a five piece fit kit to adapt the earpieces to different ear shapes, a 1/4-inch jack adapter, attenuator, and cleaning tool.

Now take a deep breath: the 10 Pro earphones carry a suggested price of $399.

[Disclaimer: as a musician, I’ve personally used Ultimate Ears professional products for stage monitoring in live performances, although I am neither a customer nor an endorser.]

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