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Uniden Adds Another VoIP Partner

The new Uniden UIP1868P phone will work with the Packet-8 VoIP phone service. While we were unable to provide a date and more detailed specifics on the Uniden VoIP phone for Vonage, Packet-8 has been a little more forthcoming.

Fry’s, and will begin offering the product in July of this year. The UIP1868P will also be available at in July and available in all OfficeMax store locations in September. Like the Vonage phone system, the PAcket-8 Uniden phone will come with a corded base station and support up to ten cordless phones. The Uniden UIP1868P will run on the 5.8GHz spectrum and will work with Uniden’s TCX800, TCX400, TCX440, CLX500 and ELT560 flip-design phone accessory cordless handsets. The unit also offers features such as call waiting, caller ID, handset speakerphone, four-way conferencing, call transfer between handsets, DirectLink two-way radio capability and a “do not disturb” setting.

Visit the Packet 8 website for more information.

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