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V-Moda Hears Your Luxury Vibe

V-Moda Hears Your Luxury Vibe

For some people, selecting the proper set of earphones is about finding the best blend of audio quality and comfort. But for the fashion-forward amongst us, comfort is often secondary to the overall look—honestly, how else can those weird funky shoes be explained?

Enter lifestyle brand V-moda‘s new Vibe all-metal earphones. Scheduled to go on sale online as well as at Bloomingdale’s, Virgin retail locations, and the ever-more ubiquitous Apple Stores on November 6, the Vibe earphones claim to enter the real of high fashion jewelry along with a high-fidelity audio experience. And they’ll be available in GunMetal Black and FlashBack Chrome.

“VIBE modaphones are the benchmark of the Hearwear category V-moda has fashioned,” said Val Kolton, V-moda’s founder and CEO. “They’re the first hi-fidelity earphones that don’t tether you to your chair when you want to experience pristine audio. And the sleek design and polished metal craftsmanship make a bold statement in a world of ordinary, carbon-copy plastic earphones.”

The Vibe earphones feature a sculpted response curve “fashioned for the discerning audio enthusiast,” reducing outside noise and enhancing bass response as low as 8 Hz (which, we have to note, is beyond the typical threshold of human hearing, and frequencies that low are frequently removed from commercial audio recordings; however, harmonic content of notes that low can still be perceived in higher registers). On the comfort front, the Vibe earphones do feature three different sizes of soft silicon fittings in clear and black, and the earphones supposedly won’t jar loose during exercise—but we all know these aren’t worn so users can get a good workout. The Vibe earphones also come with a leather pouch and VIP card access to “V-moda modcasts,” music, and other gear.

The Vibe headphones will be priced at $101—a nod to California’s Highway 101, which runs past the company’s HQ in the Hollywood Hills.

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