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V-Moda introduces Vibrato in-ear headphones

Vibrato in blackAfter an exhaustive engineering process, V-Moda is introducing the Vibrato in-ear headphones.  A company that prides itself on a creative relationship with DJs and musicians, V-Moda’s latest earbuds aim for quality listening without sacrificing style or comfort.

The Vibrato’s address the annoyance of constantly loosening earbuds during exercise in two ways: with XS, S, M, and L silicon ear tips, and patent-pending Active Flex earhooks. The company also claims the hybrid silicone ear tip creates a secure seal and guarantees users complete privacy in their listening.

Besides delivering music, the Vibrato are also able to pair with smartphones and aid multitaskers. The headphones come with a 3.5-mm microphone, and naturally include a three-button remote control for managing volume, music and video playback, and calls.

The Vibrato utilize V-Moda’s Bliss noise isolating and V-Masque technology, which the company claims improve their frequency response at both the very top and bottom of the spectrum.

All that technology and durability don’t detract from its appearance. The Vibrato are created from zinc alloy, giving them a sleek, jewelry-like quality – but don’t confuse that for fragility. The Vibrato’s cables are reinforced with Kevlar, the company puts them through rigorous testing methods to ensure that they can withstand most anything. If that’s not enough reassurance for consumers, there is also the two year warranty that comes with them.

Such quality will cost you: The Vibrato are available at Apple stores for $129.99 (soon available on Considering you can get plenty of quality earbuds at a fraction of the cost, it might seem steep, but these wouldn’t be the first earbuds we’ve seen to earn their high price tag.

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