Vertu V Collection: Pricey Accessories for Pricey Phones

Vertu is mostly known for its high-end luxury mobile phones featuring understated designed crafted from very high-end materials—and with price tags to match. Now Vertu is branching out into other accessories, reasoning that people who might be interested in a super-high-end phone might not blink at other super-high-end accessories. To that end, the company has unveiled its V Collection, which includes a pen, a USB card reader, and a unique Bluetooth headset. Oh, and lets not forget wallets, key fobs, and cufflinks, all inspired by the hardware one might find on Vertu phones.

Vertu V Collection V Bluetooth headset

The V Bluetooth head supports Bluetooth 2.1 and offers up to 6 hours of use on a single chart. Users can wear it with or without the ear loop, but the loop seems to be a major selling point: it’s made from a “super elastic titanium allow” that remembers the most recent shape its user pushed it too, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The headphone also features a unique cantilevered earpiece that unfolds for use—the whole thing slides into a convenient elegant case for storage—and the earpiece features last number redial, volume controls, and call reject controls. It also comes with three sizes of rubber earbud for a perfect fit. The price? A mere $730.

Vertu V Collection USB Memory Card Reader

The V USB Memory Card Reader offers USB connectivity for microSD cards, exactly the kind of things Vertu customers use in their Vertu phones. The idea is to enable users to easily migrate data or media between a Vertu phone and a PC. It comes with a carrying case, and is available for a mere $490. And the ballpoint pen? Elegant as everything else, and available for a mere $330…but Vertu recommends a separate case (purchased separately) to protect it.

Vertu V Collection Ballpoint Pen

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