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Can’t find your perfect wine? Blend it yourself with the Vinfusion system

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Your palette is unlike anyone else’s, so your wine ought to be just as unique. Along those lines, product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants has found a way to personalize and customize your vino like never before by way of a new product known as the Vinfusion system. Branded as a “wine-blending experience, where the consumer can adjust the composition on demand,” the Vinfusion system purports to have the capacity to “deliver hundreds of different flavors.” So stop complaining about how tannic that one red blend is or how grassy that white might be — make your own instead.

“Blending wines to achieve a certain flavor or aroma has been around for centuries, and this is at the heart of Vinfusion,” said Sajith Wimalaratne, food and beverage commercial manager at Cambridge Consultants. “One of the challenges is understanding the complex relationship between the taste and the proportions of the blended wines. So we surveyed how consumers choose wines and ran taste tests to see how they perceived and described the flavors.”

By analyzing the chemical composition of a number of different wines and determining what components were the most crucial to the overall taste, Cambridge Consultant determined that there were four base wines upon which they (or rather, you) could build. Their Vinfusion system lets users create customized wines by inputting preferences like full-bodied or light, dry or sweet. With the help of a handy-dandy app, wine enthusiasts can personalize their wine and learn about the chemistry behind their favorite blend at the same time.

Then, Vinfusion takes care of blending and dispersing your desired wine.

You’ll be able to check out the Vinfusion system in action later this month at BrauBeviale 2016, but we’re being kept in suspense as to when we can expect this ingenious system to be made publicly available. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

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