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As far as Kickstarter projects go, this amazing virtual drum kit is tough to beat

Want to get your Keith Moon or John Bonham on, but don’t have space for a real drum kit? No problem: Virtual drum kit Freedrum is your hookup.

Freedrum is a smart sensor that attaches to your regular drumsticks, and  then pairs with your smartphone to give you the chance to practice your drumming wherever you go.

“Freedrum is an exciting product for us because it blends the experience of drumming with the advantages of technology, such as being able to take it anywhere and customizing it the way you want,” co-creator Philip Robertson told Digital Trends. “We would like to push the boundaries of drumming. Being a drummer myself, I believe that there is no replacement for the feeling of an analog drum kit. However, Freedrum gives our users the ability to practice and perform in areas and situations that have not been possible before.”

The technology is powered by a miniature, high-capacity LiPo battery, which can be charged in under an hour, and will keep your drumsticks charged for seven hours of continuous drumming. Under the hood, it takes advantage of a bevy of smart sensors to work.

“We are using a gyroscope and an accelerometer to determine several parameters, based on angles and velocity, that we then translate into hit areas,” Robertson continued. “They are then assigned MIDI notes, which are sent by Bluetooth to your device and software, such as [Apple’s] GarageBand, to create the desired sound.”

Currently raising money on Kickstarter, Freedrum will set you back $79-plus, and has a shipping date of August 2017.

So who does Robertson thinks the virtual drum kit will most appeal to? “In short, everyone that has been drumming or anyone that has ever wanted to start drumming,” he said. “It is a great gateway instrument into drumming, for students that need to practice at home, or for experienced drummers who annoy their friends by drumming on everything.”

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