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Vuzix’s New Wrap 310 Video Eyewear Looks Like Sunglasses

vuzix-wrapIf you’re one of those folks who wears their sunglasses at night—and doesn’t mind folks seeing light leaking around the edges while you enjoy video from your favorite portable media player—then Vuzix has a new toy for you: its just-announced Wrap 310 video eyewear. Vuzix claims the headsets offer a 16:9 aspect ratio and are the equivalent to watching a 55-inch inch TV…and instead of looking like some prop escaped from the set of a Bruce Campbell scifi movie, the Wrap 310s bear an actual resemblance to sunglasses.

“The Wrap 310 is the first device to merge the look of video eyewear and traditional sunglasses into one,” said Vuzix CEO Paul Travers, in a statement.

The Wrap 310 will be the latest addition to Vuzix’s line of consumer video eyewear: the device will run off two AA batteries for up to 6 hours, and can handle video output from a variety of portable media players: Vusix says all iPhones and video-capable iPods are supported, along with video capable mobile phones, portable DVD players, and (of course) netbooks and notebook computers with VGA output. The Wrap 310 apparently sports a a composite video input (with optional VGA and component adapters), and also features an expansion port for other unspecified “exciting accessories.” The Wrap 310 will also feature an improved on-screen interface, independent focus adjustment to accommodate users with corrective lenses—users will also be able to choose various lens colors for the Wrap 310.

Vuzix hasn’t released any pricing or availability information for the Wrap 310, but will be showing it off at the Tokyo Game Show and the Showstoppers for the Digital Holidays show in New York.

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