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You’ll never see a wackier selfie stick than this one

If you’re the kind of person whose stress levels rise every time you come within a few meters of someone’s fully extended selfie stick, then the sight of this bells-and-whistles design may cause you to pass out in horror.

With features such as auto-extension, built-in studio lights so you always look your best, and fully functioning fans for that glamorous windswept look, this is the most absurd selfie stick we’ve seen yet, though admittedly this one comes a close second.

But fear not, selfie-stick haters of the world – this particular model is not for sale. Well, not yet, anyway.

selfie stick fans
The bonkers contraption is the work of viral video agency Thinkmodo. Yes, this is the same crackpot team that came up with the bizarre “human torch drone.” This was an airborne design which, to those in the know, was a burning dummy attached to a drone. However, to those unaware of the truth, it would’ve looked more like someone flying around on fire.

The group has now put down the matches and gasoline and turned its attention to creating this wacky selfie stick. The working device, which took three months to build, is being used to promote the forthcoming season of Lifetime’s Unreal, a behind-the-scenes drama that follows the trials and tribulations of a dating contest show.

Noa Lindberg, who acts in the sticks’s promotional video (above), told Mashable it’s “a little bit heavier than a regular selfie stick,” perhaps not surprising considering all that extra functionality. Lindberg said that in many cases, the people she demonstrated the stick to commented, “It’s so amazing, where can I get it?” – a response that suggests the device could soon be coming to a Kickstarter webpage near you. Though let’s hope not.

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