Watch iPod Video Anywhere With myvu Headset

MicroOptical Corporation is setting up to join the ever more-crowded field of iPod accessory makers with the myvu personal media viewer, a video-capable binocular headset which purports to enable iPod users to watch video content from their iPod anywhere they like: even outdoors.

MicroOptical describes the eyewear as “ultra-light,” and the technology has already been rolled out to consumers in France under the Orange brand name, where it’s been paired with the Samsung D600 mobile phone. “As the iPod changes the way people experience video, the myvu viewer will accelerate its adoption by providing hands free, head-up access to a large virtual image. The myvu(TM) viewer makes watching portable video more practical,” said Mark Spitzer, CEO of MicroOptical.

MicroOptical hasn’t announced any pricing or availability details for the myvu headset, but we have to admit the solution looks sleeker than the recently unveiled Eyebud one-eyed headset display from eMagin.