Xitel Offers Up iPod nano Stereo Dock

Australia based Xitel, a developer of electronics, yesterday introduced a new docking station for the iPod nano designed to connect the player directly to home stereo equipment. The new HiFi-Link for iPod nano is priced at $69.95 and should be available the middle of April.

The HiFi-Link for iPod nano, said Xitel, is a compact black dock and slim remote control designed to compliment the nano’s profile. Features of this product include high fidelity, variable line-level audio output to a compatible audio receiver or other device, enhanced bass, wireless control of functions like play and volume from up to 50 feet away via the remote and recharging of the nano’s battery.

“The iPod nano is a special product: it’s small, but packs a powerful punch! Now, our dedicated dock with its innovative features allows iPod nano to realize its full audio potential,” said Barrie Davis, Xitel’s president, in a statement. “HiFi-Link for iPod nano is the easiest way to upgrade the audio capabilities of iPod nano and seamlessly integrate it with anything from a top-of-the-line surround sound system through to a simple boombox or even power speakers.”