XM Readies Inno and Helix Portable Players

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XM Satellite Radio has announced the Helix and the Inno, two new portable XM Satellite Radio receivers which can also store and play digital music, as well as “bookmark” music heard via XM shows for purchase via Napster.

The Helix and Inno are respectively manufactured by Samsung and Pioneer, and offer similar feature sets including the capability to store 50 hours of XM content. (Back of the envelope figuring seems to show the units probably sport 1 GB of flash memory). However, users can also store their own music in the devices, including audio in MP3 and Windows Media formats. Both units also feature “bookmarking” features which enable users to note the names of songs they hear over XM satellite service, then instantly buy the song from Napster when they connect the portable player to their computer. The units also feature TuneSelect