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XtremeMac MicroMemo for iPod due in July

Since the iPod was first introduced, students, journalists, and even musicians have been searching for ways to turn the diminutive audio players into decent-quality diminutive audio recorders. But there have always been snags: input bandwidth, recording quality, and chintzy built-in mics which make everything sound like a bad stereo in an apartment a block away.

XtremeMac is one of the companies hoping to fix that problem with its MicroMemo digital audio recorder for fifth-generation video-capable iPods. The MicroMemo plugs into an iPod’s dock connector (activating the iPod’s menu and displaying recording time onscreen when you do so), works without batteries or cables, and features a removable microphone. If the included mic isn’t up to your particular task, no problem: disconnect it and hook up any input device with a 3.5mm audio plug. The MicroMempo features one-touch recording, a built-in speaker, and features two recording quality settings (22 and 44 KHz).

MicroMemo is available for pre-order on XtremeMac’s Web site and will ship to consumers as soon as its available, which XtremeMac says will be early July. Suggested retail price: $59.95.

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