Yahoo Acquires (Most of) Meedio

Internet giant Yahoo has acquired most (but not quite all) of digital-home software maker Meedio. Yahoo is acquiring most of Meedio’s technology and core players, but is not taking over the Meedio product line, which includes the Meedio TV DVR software, Meedio Essentials media center software, and the Meedio HouseBot home automation system for Windows.

If you’re a Meedio customer, the company says it will keep providing Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data through July 1, 2006 and will keep its online forums active for a while. However, Meedio’s software is no longer for sale, its support center is closed down, and the company is changing it’s name to the very-clever PsyKoh LLC.

As part of Yahoo’s digital home group, expect Meedio principals to work on Yahoo’s own media center and DVR applications, which (of course) will likely tie heavily into Yahoo’s broader content offerings and advertising infrastructure. Yahoo hasn’t announced any products or timeframes, but the July 1 shutdown of Meedio’s EPG could be a hint.