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This $200 razor has a sapphire blade that’s 10x sharper than a scalpel, and it lasts for years

Zafirro is known for producing the world’s most expensive razor, a $100,000 shaver with an iridium handle and sapphire blades. Since its debut in 2011, the cost of producing sapphire has plummeted, and now Zafirro is crowdfunding its original Z2 razor at a much more reasonable price tag.

Zafirro is funding the next production run of its Z2 razor on Kickstarter with packages starting at $149 for a single Zafirro razor, which is $150 off the razor’s estimated $299 retail price. This $149 tier already has been claimed, but there are other limited-slot tiers available with prices ranging from $179 to $229. If you want to be among the first people to get a Zafirro when it becomes available next year, you can pledge $279 and receive your razor in October 2016 instead of the predicted December delivery date.

Why would you pay $200 for a Zafirro when you can purchase a basic razor for less than $20? Unlike your drug store Gillette razors, Zafirro uses sapphire on its cutting blade. With 80 atoms at its tip, the sapphire blade is sharper and harder, making it 100 times more durable than competing steel blade razors. Zafirro predicts a single sapphire blade can last between 6 to 12 months, with an even longer blade life possible in the future. After a year, owners can purchase a replacement blade that could retail for $49 or less, depending on the volume of Zafirro razors sold and the price fluctuations of sapphire over the coming year.

Though the Zafirro, even at these prices, doesn’t offer much of a cost saving over a traditional razor, it does offer an environmentally friendly solution for green consumers looking to reduce the amount of waste they deposit in landfills. The EPA estimates that consumers throw away 2 billion razor blades each year, making the razor a significant source of bathroom waste. With its year-long blade, the Zafirro has the potential to reduce razor blade waste by a significant amount.

The only unknown about the Zafirro is its final design — while the company wants to keep the classic style of the original Z2 model, it may not be able to do so, as high volume production may necessitate some design changes in the handle. Zafirro promises that if is does have to tweak the look of the razor, it will “make sure it’s a great design.”

Updated on 7-18-2106 by Kelly Hodgkins: Zafirro this week relaunched the Kickstarter campaign for its Z2 Razor after canceling funding for the razor at the beginning of 2016 due to insufficient funding The company confirmed in January that it fell short of the $1 million it needed from Kickstarter and equity investors to begin production of the high-tech razor. This new campaign has a much more realistic goal with the entire $1 million for the project coming from Kickstarter funds.

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