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Manage your time like never before with Zei from Timeular

Timeular Zei - Kickstarter Teaser
We’re tracking just about everything these days — steps taken, calories consumed, calories burned, hours slept — so why not track our most precious resource of all? For everyone who’s ever had concerns about their productivity or efficiency, there’s a new device for you. Meet Zei from Timeular, branded as the simplest time-tracking solution ever.

In just one day, the Zei managed to raise nearly $100,000 from almost 800 backers, and it looks as though this efficiency device is trending towards over $1.5 million raised by the end of its campaign.

This isn’t a device that you’ll strap onto your wrist or otherwise attach to your body. Rather, this unique eight-sided device promises to make time tracking instant and fun. You see, the Zei is a polygon featuring a wireless connection to your computer. Through Timeular’s proprietary software, you’ll be able to assign a project to each face of the polygon, and immediately begin tracking how much time you’re expending on a task. Just set the polygon so the project you’re currently working on is face up, and when you’re ready to switch gears or take a break, either rotate the device, or turn it off altogether.

When you shake Zei, you’ll open up a text field or the project’s to-do list so that you can add details or various time entries. And you can customize your device by writing, sticking, or drawing something on it.

Given the prevalence of multitasking in today’s workday, having a device that ensures you’re allocating the appropriate amount of time to various tasks can be key to boosting productivity. After all, how many times have you found yourself losing hours to cleaning out your inbox, only to realize that you should’ve been spending some time preparing for that big meeting at the end of the week? Or, if you want to see just how much time you’re really losing to meetings, the Zei can help track that, too.

“As engineers and designers, we were tracking our time at work but, found that it is not easy to do, even if there are many good solutions out there,” the Timeular team said. “We believed there had to be a better solution than just some software with a lot of interactions. That’s why we put our heads together, pooled our experience and knowledge and came up with Zei  –  and the best thing is, we are not trying to create a completely new time tracking solution, we make existing ones more user friendly with simple and intuitive hardware.”

You can check out Zei’s Kickstarter campaign here.

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