Zune HD v4.3 Firmware Now Out


For the handful of Zune HD owners out there, Microsoft has released a new firmware update for the elusive player, version 4.3.  The new update will add support for 3D games and other applications (perhaps a mapping/GPS software at some point?) in addition to fixing bugs and addressing user complaints. A full list of the fixes is below:

Interface Changes:

  • Apps open and close faster
  • Quicker startup time (it was up to 30 seconds or more before)
  • Touchscreen is supposed to be more accurate


  • More detailed artist bios with links to related songs, other artists and albums and other information
  • On the radio you now have a choice of seek method in the settings


  • Keyboard option has been added in the settings menu
  • larger landscale keyboard


  • Faster web browsing
  • Auto suggest feature for text input

Here is a video highlighting the new firmware update: