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Why are some monitor makers using 4K panels in lower resolution models?

Less bang for your buck

If you’re into gaming or need a precision computer monitor, here’s an odd problem to look out for: Some monitors up for sale that are spec’d out as less than 4K – an in the common 1440P QHD resolution – are actually made with 4K panels that are running at LESS than their design resolution – on purpose. And even worse news: You can’t reset or trick them into running at 4K because their firmware won’t let you. But why is this happening?

A German tech site says that now that manufacturers have brought economies of scale to producing 4K panels, it’s probably LESS expensive for them to just set the firmware at 1440P – and then lower the price – than to produce a bunch of different panels at specific resolutions. Is there a way to find out if you’ve got a 4K panel that’s sandbagging at a lower resolution? There is, so check out the rest of the story at the link.

More and better people pods

If you thought those Apple Airpods earbuds were everywhere now, just wait until next year. Bloomberg says sources tell them that new and improved Airpods are on the way, along with a possible pair of Apple-branded over-the-ear headphones. Bloomberg says the next generation of the AirPods will include numerous improvements, including noise cancellation, an even longer operating range away from an iPhone, and the possible inclusion of biometric sensors like a heart rate monitor. And they’ll likely be water and sweat resistant as well.

As for the expected Apple headphones, Bloomberg says they’ll likely be priced HIGHER than the already expensive Beats by Dre cans that Apple already owns and sells. Apple sold nearly $13 billion worth of non-iPhone and computer “accessories” last year. I’m sure we’ll hear more come September.

Take a hint

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, it so imperfect, we’ve got a few suggestion for Tim, Jony and the rest of the Apple design team. First off, lets get these things to charge up post-haste. As in: faster. A LOT faster. Fast charging is a thing now, except at Apple, where it’s a $75 option on the iPhone X and 8. Really? That stuff should just be in the box, not on the accessories shelf.

And Apple is known for their keep it simple, use as few buttons as possible approach to just about everything, so why is this slider mute switch still on the side of every iPhone? Handy, sure, except when you accidentally bump it “mute” and miss that call, text, or reminder. There are better ways to mute a phone, and Apple should try some of them. We could go on and on, and DT scribe Simon Hill does in his article so here are a few more suggestions that we’re sure Jony and his team will take to heart for the next round of iPhones. Right Jony? You’re welcome.

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