DT Daily: Facebook shares data on emotionally vulnerable teens with advertiser

Facebook is coming under fire for presenting data to advertisers that help them target emotionally vulnerable children. A 23 page report leaked to ‘The Austrailian’ shows how Facebook gathers data to determine when users are feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed among other things. Facebook responded by calling the sharing of research a quote “oversight” and said the data was collected anonymously. The statement also claims that Facebook doesn’t target ads based on this information. Even if that’s the case, it’s still another window into just how much data Facebook collects on users and the efforts the company puts into research based on that data.

A batch of newly leaked photos of the 10th anniversary iPhone is bringing to life many of the rumors we’ve heard so far. What’s more, the latest leaks arrived form 2 independent sources and they seem to match up. Removal of the home button, the edge to edge screen, and vertically oriented dual lens camera are all featured in this image obtained by Benjamin Geskin. And OnLeaks revealed this animated schematic showing both wireless charging and the courageous omission of the headphone jack. Other details we can glean from the leaks are a dual lens camera that’s vertically oriented and rounded corners that resemble the last few generations of the iPhone. We still don’t know what Apple will be calling the new device. Whether it’s the iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, or iPhone X, expect the new devices a little bit later than usual this year.

This morning, Space X completed a successful launch of a US spy satellite. It’s the first mission Elon Musk’s company has flown for the US department of defense, and the 34th overall mission for Space X. The launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center was originally slated for Sunday, but pushed back to fix an engine sensor problem. Because of the top secret nature of the payload, the livestream of the event was cut off 2 minutes and 48 seconds after the launch. This was just after the booster stage had separated. We were allowed to see the first stage of the rocket return back to earth and make a perfect landing.
This is the 10th successful landing of a rocket booster for Space X and they’re certainly making it look like a routine occurance.

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