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Intel’s new 8th Gen Core processors promise screaming speeds for laptops

While a large swath of the nation is gazing at the sky in anticipation of the solar eclipse – hopefully through proper protective eyewear – Intel is leading tech news today with the official announcement of its new 8th Generation Core processors. Boasting a 40% boost in speed, these new chips promise to seriously speed up computing. But how did they do it?

Digital Trends Senor editor and all-around computing guru, Matt Smith, says the solution was simple: Add more cores. We took a look at the U-series of the new 8th-Gen Core processors, the current version of which may well be powering the laptop you have right now, and all chips have jumped from two cores to four, meaning future laptops are going to scream. We can expect to hear about those laptops in just a couple of weeks, as several will likely be announced at IFA in Berlin next month.

We’ll be covering IFA extensively, and you can expect to hear about the new laptops featuring Intel’s new 8th-Gen Core processors, along with lots of other exciting developments, right here at Digital Trends.

Tesla Model X vs. Lamborghini Aventador

Finally, check out this video of a Tesla Model X eclipsing a Lamborghini supercar. Sorry, we had to do it. We just … had to.

Anyway, the Tesla Model X took on a Lambo Aventador and, as you can see here, had no problem leaving the Aventador behind, despite being built to haul 7 people and roughly twice the height of the Italian super car, not to mention not nearly as streamlined. How in the world does a bulky electric SUV take down a svelte Italian super car built for speed?

The quarter-mile drag race doesn’t last long, and the Aventador is catching up toward the end, but it appears the Model X edges out a 5-hundredths-of-a-second win just in time, thanks to taking the Lambo off the line . That’s it for our show today. Please take a second to like us on FB, follow us on YouTube, and of course visit for the latest tech news. We’ll see ya right back here tomorrow.

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