DT Daily: WannaCry cleanup tool restores files on Windows XP machines

Over a week after the initial attack, cleanup after the WannaCry ransomware attack continues. First the good news: A new tool is now available to decrypt Windows XP machines infected with WannaCry. It’s called WannaKey, and the free tool created by a French security researcher can retrieve all the files encrypted on an infected machine, but there’s a catch. It only works if the PC hasn’t been rebooted after being infected. And now the bad news… the damage on Windows XP machines could have been prevented with a repair update Microsoft had on hand, but they never released it.
To be fair, Microsoft did announce that updates for XP had ended and urged users to upgrade to Windows 10. And they also released the patch, for free, shortly after the attack.

Rumor has it that Apple may be stepping up the health tracking capabilities on the Apple Watch for Series 3. According to a report from BGR, the new Apple Watch may be able to monitor blood glucose levels, and new reports indicate that Apple CEO Tim Cook is testing the new accessory personally. Cook has reportedly been spotted on the Apple campus wearing a prototype device.
Apple’s been interested in helping tackle diabetes for some time now, and the glucose monitoring feature could be a game-changer for diabetics. Around 30 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from diabetes.

If you want to experience surfing ocean waves, but don’t have easy access to an ocean, there’s now a solution. The LandSurf is a 3 wheeled skateboard that’s designed to emulate a surfboard on the water. Unlike a skateboard, the LandSurf doesn’t need to be pushed, but instead is powered by pumping, similar to how you would pump on a wave in the water. The back two wheels work like surfboard fins, and the front wheel rotates to provide unlimited turning ability. Three different types of boards provide for varying levels of surf maneuvers, including carving, cutbacks, pumping, and snaps.
The LandSurf is available for pre-order on the Indiegogo campaign page starting at 150 dollars. That’s DT Daily for this week, thanks for watching.

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