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Facebook: Augmented reality glasses, not smartphones, are the future

X marks the competitive spot

It looks like Intel is feeling the heat from a resurgent AMD, which has taken on the top chipmaker with its new series of Ryzen CPUs. Now, there are rumblings Intel is pushing up the release date of the its revamped top-tier CPUs to counter AMD’s moves. Extreme Tech says the new chips, the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X, will land as soon as June instead of their previously expected August rollout.

Extreme Tech says the Skylake-X CPUs will likely come in 6, 8 and 10-core variants, while the Kaby Lake-X chip will be a 4-core CPU with advanced graphics abilities built right in. There may also be a Coffee Lake processor with six cores as well. All these chips are destined for use in desktop machines at this point. Like they say, competition is good for pushing performance and innovation, and it seems to push up release dates as well. Hit this link for more details.

You deserve an update break today

Has your Windows PC been doing some updates lately? Hey, we feel your pain. Just get another cup of coffee or three. Following the big Creators Update last month, Microsoft says the next big update is likely five months away. But Redmond is also now saying they hope to roll out just two major updates a year to Windows 10. Want to know more about what to expect?

Microsoft will be holding an “AMA” – as in, “Ask Microsoft anything” – on May 4th at 9 a.m. Pacific. No it won’t be on, it’ll be hosted by Microsoft, and if you want to join in, just hit this link for more information.

I see you (and a whole lot of things about you)

Tired of seeing your fellow man – and woman, and children – waste their lives away as they stare into their smartphone screens? Hey, us too, which is why we’re interested in remarks by Facebook researcher Michael Abrash, who thinks we’ll be wasting our lives staring into the highly augmented space in front of us through super-smart glasses in the near future. How soon? 2022, according to Abrash, the lead scientist at Facebook’s Oculus research lab.

Abrash thinks usable (and hopefully somewhat stylish) AR glasses are just five years away, and they could be thing that keeps us from walking out in front of trains or into mall fountains. Of course, it’s not just Facebook who’s working on this tech. Apple, Google, Snap and others are all in the game as well, so we could see some very techie eyewear arrive on the scene sooner than later.

If you don’t need glasses, would you be willing to wear AR glasses? Let us know in comments – or take the poll at the link in the video.

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