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HTC Vive Pro features big VR resolution boost, audio upgrade, more

Ready Player Vive?

Been waiting for the right time to jump into the world of virtual reality? HTC just made it a bit more tempting. The new HTC Vive Pro, the second generation of their groundbreaking Vive VR headset, is now available for pre-order. It’s $800 but you get a lot of VR goodness in the deal. HTC says the Pro has 78 percent improved resolution over the original headset, plus it includes headphones, dual mics, and more.

The headset is more adjustable for a better fit, lighter and works with base station tracking, Steam VR tracking, and other enhanced compatibility features. You also get a six-month free pass to the HTC VivePort library of VR fun and games. And since the Pro is now official, they’ve also dropped the price of the original Vive to $499. But we think you should splurge and go Pro.

Serious screen time

Apple is in a pitched battle with Samsung – and sometimes LG – over smartphone supremacy, but when it comes to display technology, Apple is forced to rely on its rivals for the centerpiece tech for its halo products: The high-resolution display screens for its computers, phones, iPads and watches. But Bloomberg is now saying that those deals may have an eventual expiration date because Apple has been secretly developing a new screen technology at a secret location.

Bloomberg says Apple is working on “Micro LED” technology at an unmarked facility near the Apple campus and that the tech is at an “advanced stage” – even though Apple nearly canned the project about a year ago. MicroLED technology – if they can get a handle on scaling up production – could surpass OLED tech in terms of energy efficiency, brightness, and color – qualities everyone wants, of course.

And while a MicroLED iPhone is likely still years away, the news still caused a ripple through the tech industry as the stocks of display makers – like Sharp, Samsung and LG – took an immediate hit.

Worth the wait

We secretly hate DT car guy Miles Branman because he gets all the fun assignments. His latest “work” task? Drive the wheels off the new Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk and company’s latest “affordable” electric car. Anyway, someone’s gotta drive it, and Miles did just that, and even shot a cool 360-degree video to go with it. So how is it? Pretty damn sweet. As in, a 5-star DT rating sweet, an accolade we very rarely hand out.

And it’s not just because we’re tech geeks who love electric cars. No, this is just a really outstanding automobile, though it was optioned up to the $56,000 mark with a long list of options. The Model 3 is fast, comfortable, roomy, smart and we even like the look, although we’ll have to get used to that solid front end where a radiator should be. It’ll happen. Check out Miles’ full review, and no, we don’t really hate him. It’s more of jealousy thing…

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