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It’s Thursday, January 14,  and with CES in our rear view mirror, it’s about time for an Apple rumor, don’t you think? Today’s is brought to you by the “what the hell is Apple going to do with the headphone jack on its next iPhone?” rumor consortium, which posits that Apple is working on wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7.

Don’t get too excited, the buds – or earpods, as Apple calls them – that come with the phone aren’t going anywhere. Apple’s wireless buds will be sold separately and should be truly wireless, no cord connecting the two, with built-in mic and controls for answering calls, summoning Siri, and controlling music. Truly wireless earbuds have been elusive. Many Kickstarter projects have tried, failed, and royally pissed off backers in the process.

It wouldn’t surprise us in the least, though, if Apple just swept in, scooped up a bunch of tech rights, applied its genius, and made it happen. We’ll know for sure in about 9 months.

Netflix is bringing the hammer down

If you’ve been using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or unblocking service to get around Netflix’s country-based content restrictions, you might want to prepare yourself for some big changes.

Having just announced a huge expansion, and with streaming services already offered in nearly 190 nations, Netflix says it’s going to do whatever it can to cut off those doing an end-run around restrictions imposed based on licensing deals. Netflix hasn’t said how they will do it, but they have said that within the next few weeks, anyone using proxies or so-called unblocking services will only be able to access content intended for their country of residence.

It’s not like Netflix doesn’t want you to watch whatever you want, but if it is going to make any progress toward offering all content everywhere it streams, it has to honor the licensing deals that exist now. At any rate, the tech company that figures out how to consistently fool Netflix’s country detection technologies is about to make a fat wad of cash off of those spurned by less prepared proxy services.

Snoop loses it over Xbox Live outage

When Xbox Live outages happen, it’s not uncommon for there to be a small uproar among gamers – I mean, it really does suck when you’re on a roll pwning Noobs and suddenly your streak is cut short.

But a recent Xbox live crash is getting added attention in the media today because it sparked the ire of one Snoop Dog … or is it Lion, now? You know what, his momma named him Dog, I’m gonna call him Dog.

Anyway, Snoop took to Instagram to express his disappointment/almost outrage at Xbox Live’s failure, and it’s taking over the Internet today.

The expletive-laden mini-rant calls out Bill Gates to “get your shit together,” even though Bill Gates hasn’t been the face of Microsoft for ages. That honor goes to one Phil Spencer, but let’s not get mired in the details. What’s important right now is that Snoop is threatening to move to PlayStation over the debacle.

Hey, let’s not go crazy ok? Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, Snoop, and we know you’ve got ‘em. Chill out, my man. Your FPS game will return momentarily.

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