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Not exactly a Prius: New Rimac electric hypercar is packing 1,900 horsepower

Miles it’ll be driven off-road: Not many

If it seems like there’s a lot of car news happening today, you’re right, the big Geneva Auto Show is under way and some pretty cool cars are getting some first looks. Happy Tuesday, it’s March 6, and one of the stars of the Geneva show is the Land Rover SV Coupe, a go anywhere fun machine that can go pretty much anywhere while bathing you in leather and wood-grained luxury. And it should, seeing how it’s going to cost just under $300,000.

Yeah, this isn’t one of those “regular” Land Rovers you can trade in your Hyundai on. There’s only going to be 999 made – so get your deposit in now. What will you get? Just two doors (plus a rear hatch, of course), and it’s powered by a supercharged V8 making 557 horsepower. It’ll go zero to 60 in 5 seconds, has a top speed of 165 mph for quickly crossing the urban jungle, and features a suspension that lowers and lifts for clearing those obstacles on the way to your private villa.

Oh, and they didn’t forget a 1,300-watt 23-speaker audio system, which is crucial for escaping the zombie apocalypse.

What’s the speed limit on Electric Avenue?

If electric hypercars cars are more your thing, then check out this little gem: The Rimack C-Two. It’s a fully electric supercar, and while rigs like this are usually shown off as “concepts,” the Croation company that makes it says it’s going into production in pretty much the exact form shown at the show.

And the numbers are just astounding: Over 1,900 horsepower, 0 to 60 in 1.85 seconds, over 400 miles of range, and complete carbon-fiber construction. Rimac says the car has over 400 sensors on board including Lidars, radars, cameras and other bits for level-4 self-driving ability. It uses facial recognition for security, and is stuffed full of cutting edge tech. Price? Not announced but expect seven digits. Oh, and there’s only going to be 150 copies made.

Dumb. Hilarious. We must have them

It is March and that means a certain sort of sports madness is about to engulf a large number of homes, but don’t worry, Pizza Hut has you covered for both sustenance – and footwear. That’s right, the infamous “Pie Tops” shoes are back, and they’re more ridiculous than ever.

While last year’s shoes featured a button that triggered the Pizza Hut app to order your favorite pizza pie forthwith, the new shoes now have a second button that perform an equally crucial function: Pausing the game on TV while you answer the door to grab those slices. And like they say: That’s not all!

They now come in both Pizza Hut Red and now a “wheat color, sport a cheese grater mesh, Pizza Hut lace tags, extra ‘cheese pull’ laces, and branded inner soles.” Want a pair? Good luck. Only 50 pairs are heading to retail, and another 50 will be given out to those cursed “social media influencers.” You might also win a pair at the Final Four Fan Fest in San Antonio, so book those flights now.

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