Teal drone satisfies your need for remote-controlled speed

Better, faster, dronier

If you’ve had that new drone for a while now and feel like you’re ready for something a little… faster, well, good news! A gifted young entrepreneur and drone pilot has created Teal, a high-performance drone he says can hit 85 miles an hour under ideal conditions, or just 70 under regular conditions, whatever those are. That’s still pretty fast! He also claims Teal is flyable in winds up to 40 miles an hour.

But it’s not just a racing drone: it’s packing a 13 megapixel 4K camera system with VR headset compatibility, a hot-rod Nvidia TX1 64-bit internal computer with 4 gigs of RAM, and multiple flight modes like “follow me” (very quickly, apparently), acrobatic tricks, auto return, and more. Due to the high speeds, flight time is just 10 minutes, but it comes with two batteries and there’s also a bigger battery option, but it’ll take a hit on speed with the bigger gas tank attached.

Looks pretty damn cool, too. The Teal is $1300 – about the same as it’s slower competition – plus $20 for U.S. shipping. The initial production run of 500 units should be ready for the holidays and you can preorder one now.

Twitter CEO bans Breitbart writer after Leslie Jones tweets

Twitter just brought the hammer down on Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative blogger, tweeter and tech editor for Breitbart. Following a string of mean and some would say racist tweets aimed at Ghostbusters reboot star Leslie Jones, Twitter rescinded Milo’s “verification” and then locked down his account.

Jones has been a target for some very bad apples on Twitter and on Tuesday, CEO Jack Dorsey personally intervened on Jones’ behalf by barring Yianopoulos, who of course responded that his free speech rights were under fire, never mind that Twitter is a business and can ban anyone they want for anything they want. Dorsey and Twitter have not said if Milo will be back, and even Milo says he’s not sure he’d return to Twitter even if they let him back in.

Microsoft nags user to upgrade for free while they still can

Have you been getting any suggestions from Microsoft that you should upgrade to Windows 10 before the free period ends on July 29th? Well, just in case it slipped your mind, Redmond has slipped that pesky nag screen into the latest build, which your computer just spent an hour updating to while you had four cups of coffee.

Microsoft is pushing hard to get users upgraded by the end of the month, as a really BIG upgrade, known as the “Anniversary Update,” is due shortly thereafter. So if you’re desperately holding onto the past with Win8 or even Win7, now might be the time to capitulate, lest you get a ton of reminders update next month that will include a price tag of $119. Just go ahead and update, we’ll wait right here.

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