We put the new Google Pixel XL smartphone through its paces – so how did it do?

Is the new Google Pixel the apple of Android’s eye?

The verdict is in for the newest high-end smartphone to hit the market, Google’s Pixel XL. Should the iPhone be shaking in its boots? Well, maybe. DT’s mobiletech editor Malarie Gokey put the XL through its paces and came away impressed, saying it’s the Android phone we’ve always wanted. Standout features include the pleasing design, sharp screen, lag-free performance and a camera on par with the best of the best.

It’s not all Pixel perfection though, as we do have a couple of nits to pic, and also some advice on where NOT to get the new Google phones. Check out Malarie’s full review right here.

The smartwatch for the analog crowd

Want a smartwatch with that new Google phone but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a geeky smartwatch? Then check out this sleek analog-looking device from MisFit.

The face of the MisFit Phase watch looks like a regular analog watch… because that’s what it is. There’s a lone LED at the six o’clock position that blinks a certain color depending on what kind of notification its sending. The watch hands will also move to imply a certain kind of message, and there are vibration cues, too. It also tracks activity, sleep and other metrics, and will even control some smart home devices. Multiple colors and watch band options are available.

Back in 2015, watchmaker Fossil bought MisFit but retained it as a separate brand. The Phase joins seven other more smart-watchey devises in the Misfit line. Preorders for the Phase start on November 7 and prices range from $175 to $195 dollars.

An A.I. future, or an A.I. disaster?

Interested in Artificial Intelligence? Even if you aren’t, you probably use it each and every day, often without knowing it. AI is influencing our lives more and more, but where is it all headed?

That’s one aspect of Simon Cohen’s in-depth article on the current and future states of artificial intelligence development. Cohen’s closer look at AI is part of our DT10 reporting series, and he talks with experts who are both working on AI, and others who aren’t so sure we should be. Will Siri, Alexa, Watson and friends ultimately enslave us all in the Matrix, or make our every dream and desire come true?

Check out Cohen’s article at the link below and be sure to add you voice in the comments on what you think about AI, how you use it, and what you think the future holds.

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