Will Siri take on Alexa and Google Home? We’ll find out at WWDC

Does Siri even get nervous?

We’re heading into the weekend wondering what will happen at Apple’s Worldwide Developers conference on Monday morning. Typically, WWDC is all about software and, of course, opportunities for developers, but the pressure is on Tim Cook, Jony Ive and the rest of Cupertino to turn out some new hardware, and top of the list is a homebot to take on Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices.

There have been rumblings that Apple has been working on just such a product, which will undoubtedly be powered by Siri, but what it will do and look like remain a mystery. Will it be a button-less monolith, or have a screen like the new Amazon Echo Show? We know there will be iOS update news and so on, but we think a no-show for a home device could be a big miss. We’ll know the score beginning at 10a.m. PDT Monday, and we’ll have a link to the live stream.

Windows 10 Your Mobile Is Toast Build

Meanwhile, Microsoft has a bit of an “oops” moment yesterday when it pushed a new Windows 10 build out to some members of its Insider program a bit too early. PC World says that while the new version of Windows probably isn’t blue-screen fatal to PC users, it could be buggy, and Insiders having issues might want to revert back to the previous build to be safe, or, at least, somewhat safer.

Windows 10 Mobile users have a bigger problem tho, as PC World says the build can put devices into a never-ending reboot loop that will require a full reset of the device. Go here to revert  your PC or Windows 10 Mobile device.

Bulletproof heroine

It is Friday, and that means movie night for many people, and the hotly anticipated Wonder Woman opens in theaters today.

Set in World War One, the movie features a somewhat new take on Wonder Woman’s origin story. Gal Gadot stars as a citizen of a ladies-only island paradise that sees fighter pilot Chris Pine crash his plane into the ocean off the coast. From there, young Diana is off to the harsh realities of the war and a world ruled by men – and it doesn’t go so well for the men.

Style-meister Zach Snyder directs and reviews have been solid – it’s even pulling a 93 on Rotten Tomatoes, so you might want to get those tickets early. Hit this link for our review and some kick-ass trailers.

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