Here’s when you can take home an Xbox One S and how much it will cost you

If you’re an Xbox fan you may be pleased to know that Microsoft has announced the new Xbox One S will make its debut in just a few days on August 2. That’s the good news, the not-as-good news is that Microsoft is releasing only the most expensive, 2 Terabyte version for now, which will retail for $400. The smaller and less expensive 1 TB and 500 GB versions will be released later this year as expected and are expected to cost $350 and $300

The new Xbox One S is slimmer, offers 4K video (but not 4K games graphics), and doesn’t require a power brick, though the core hardware components are essentially the same. The next really big jump in gaming from Microsoft is expected late next year, when the so-called Project Scorpio takes shape as a 4K gaming console with VR capabilities.

More iPhone 7 rumors

It’s been about a week since we last had good reason to speculate about the iPhone 7, but a new video comparing an alleged iPhone 7 to an iPhone 6S has leaked on a Chinese website, and if the phone in the video is legit, then much of what we thought we knew appears to be confirmed. The headphone jack is definitely gone, apparently replaced by a speaker grill as seen in the video. Also, the antenna strips appear to have been moved to the edges of the phone.

The camera lens is definitely larger in this video, though we still don’t know anything about the imaging sensor and whether that has been improved. September seems so far away, doesn’t it? But it’ll be here before you know it, and all the rumors will be laid to rest when we finally learn what the iPhone 7 is going to be about.

Strangely enough

Finally this Monday morning, something from the streaming shows file: Netflix’s Stranger Things may be the most bingeable show big red has made yet. The psychological thriller, set in Indiana during the ‘80s, is about a young boy who vanishes, and the telekinetic girl who helps the boy’s friends track him down. Everything about the show is on the money, and it ends up feeling more like a 9-hour movie than a 9-episdode TV series.

Need a bigger endorsement? Consider the fact that both Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro both took to Twitter to give the show a very enthusiastic two thumbs up. What more do you need to know? You can watch Stranger Things right now on Netflix.

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