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Staples is handing out 23-inch monitor deals this week

There’s nothing quite like sitting down at your workstation, or battlestation, turning on all of your monitors, and immersing yourself in, well, whatever you’re doing. If you don’t have multiple monitors or any for that matter, you’ll be happy to know there are a bunch of desktop monitor deals available. You can always grab a monitor to set up a static workstation if you have a laptop, too.

Dell is also hosting some crazy deals on 23-inch monitors from a couple of brands. You have some options here. The Acer KA2 bi 23.8-inch LCD monitor is $120, or $30 off. The Dell E2318HR 23-inch LED Monitor is also $120, or $40 off. You can read more about the monitors and deals below.

Acer KA2 KA242Y bi 23.8-inch LCD Monitor – $120, was $150

Acer KA242Y bi 23 inch LCD monitor

Acer’s 23.8-inch monitor employs TFT active matrix technology with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Those features ensure you get a high visual fidelity and excellent clarity. The monitor also features a refresh rate of 75Hz, a response time of less than 2ms, and 178-degree viewing angles. The glossy stand matches the thin bezels and sleek design well, and it will look fantastic even if it’s just freestanding on your desk. Ports include 1 HDMI and 1 VGA. It’s usually $150, but Staples is offering $30 or 20% off, which drops the price to $120 with free shipping and delivery. Can’t beat that!

Dell E2318HR 23-inch LED Monitor – $120, was $170

Dell E2318HR 23-inch flat-panel LCD Monitor

The Dell E2318HR 23-inch display also utilizes TFT active matrix technology and has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, a response time between 4ms and 5.9ms, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It meets Energy Star standards so it shouldn’t use too much energy on standby, or when turned on. There are 2 inputs, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA. Staples is currently offering the Dell 23-inch LED monitor for $120, which is $50 off the list price ($170). Free shipping and delivery are included, too, which sweetens the deal even more.

More desktop monitor deals available now

Want a bigger monitor, or a curved monitor, or something else entirely? There are a bunch of desktop monitor deals available. We gathered up the best ones and have included them below. See if there’s anything you like!

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