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Grab a Fire HD, Ring Doorbell, and other great devices in this Amazon sale

In the market for an Amazon device? Amazon is marking down select refurbished devices as by as much as 33%, including select Echoes, Fires, Kindles, and even the Ring Doorbell Pro. Better yet, you can save even more if you’re a Prime member since the discounts are stackable.

In addition to the sale, Prime members will see an additional 10% savings at the time of checkout — adding up to some impressive savings over purchasing new. Using the refurbished Ring Video Doorbell Pro as an example, Amazon typically sells it for $224, a 10% discount off the normal $249 price for a brand-new device. With this sale, though, a like-new device is $149 and Prime members pay just $134, $115 cheaper than buying new.

The original Ring Video Doorbell is also on sale for just $60 or $54 for Prime members — which is the cheapest we’ve ever seen it.

Which one should you pick? For those looking for an ultra-cheap way to add a video doorbell to your home, we’d certainly recommend the Ring Video Doorbell. However, if you have a wired doorbell already, get the Video Doorbell Pro instead. The video quality is way better, and the motion detection is less prone to trigger a false alarm. Ask owners of the battery-powered original doorbell, and they’ll likely point to either of those two features as some of the original Ring Video Doorbell’s biggest issues.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro review
Rich Shibley/Digital Trends

Refurbished second-generation Echoes are also on sale this week, just $60 or $54 with Prime Here you can choose from a few different color options — Charcoal, Heather Gray, and Sandstone Fabric are available. If you have aging first-generation Echo devices in your home, we’d highly recommend this device as a worthy replacement. The sound quality is improved even as the size of the device itself has been shrunk by nearly half.

Some refurbished Fire HD tablets are also available at steep discounts this week.

Only one Kindle made it into this week’s sale, but the offer on the Paperwhite — one of our Editor’s Choice award winners in E-Readers — is a good one. Normally $120 refurbished, the sale marks the price down to $90 and just $81 with Prime.

The screen on the Paperwhite is one of our favorite features, delivering a true paperback-like experience for the reader. You’ll get about a week of battery life out of the device, and the software and hardware are quick and responsive. While this type of device probably isn’t useful for those who might need more out of a handheld device, for casual book readers the Kindle Paperwhite is is a great option, and at this price, it’s hard to pass up.

We understand that some might need more of a tablet-like experience out of a handheld. Amazon’s sale has several options here: Refurbished Fire HD 8 tablets are available in two storage capacities. The 16GB sells for $50 during the sale ($45 with Prime), and the 32GB for $80

Amazon Fire HD 8 front angle
Steven Winkelman/Digital Trends

If you’re looking for a slightly bigger (and better) screen, then you can step up to the refurbished Fire HD 10 32GB, which is on sale this week for $100 or $90 with Prime.

Which one should you choose? It depends on whether or not you plan to watch video content on your tablet. While either tablet works well, the Fire HD 10 has a true 1080p screen and a faster processor which will make watching videos a lot more enjoyable on the device. But the Fire HD 8 is no slouch either — and it’s cheap enough to make it a good option for the kids.

All the deals

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro – $149 ($134 with Prime)
  • Ring Video Doorbell – $60 ($54 with Prime)
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) – $60 ($54 with Prime)
  • Kindle Paperwhite – $90 ($81 with Prime)
  • Fire HD 8 16GB – $50 ($45 with Prime)
  • Fire HD 8 32GB – $80 ($72 with Prime)
  • Fire HD 10 32GB – $100 ($90 with Prime)

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