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Early Prime Day Deals: Amazon Fire TV streaming hardware prices slashed

Things are heating up in the world of early Prime Day deals, with Amazon discounting the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Recast to get you in the mood for buying some great deals. Right now, you can upgrade how you stream with one of these great devices with discounts ranging from $10 to a massive $80. Read on to find out why they’re great additions to your household.

Amazon Fire TV Stick — $30, was $40

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great value proposition if you want to upgrade how you stream via your TV. It offers everything you could need at a low price of just $30. That’s a saving of $10 on the usual price, working out at a 25% price cut. The Amazon Fire TV Stick offers apps for all your favorite streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, Sling, Disney+, YouTube, and much more. Simply plug it in the back of your TV and you’re good to go, with the ability to use the remote for power, volume, and mute, so you won’t have to worry about separate remote controls for your TV or soundbar. It also has Alexa built-in so you can talk to the remote saving you the need to deal with awkward buttons.

Down to just $30, this is the ideal time to snap up an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Cube — $100, was $120

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Want a little more power from your streaming setup? The Amazon Fire TV Cube has it all for the high-end user. It’s the fastest and most powerful Fire TV, offering 4K Ultra HD along with support for Dolby Vision and HDR as well as HDR10+. If you’ve got a great TV and sound setup, you can’t go wrong here as the Amazon Fire TV Cube will make sure you get the best picture.

Along with all that, you can get it to use Alexa to control all your smart home gadgets from your lighting to your thermostat, as well as control the TV itself. And, of course, there’s support for all your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and much more.

Ordinarily priced at $120, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is down to just $100, saving you $20 on the usual price.

Amazon Fire TV Recast — $150, was $230

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In need of the ultimate cord-cutting solution for your living room? Buy the Amazon Fire TV Recast. It’s a DVR that’s been reimagined to take into account how we all watch TV differently than ever before. The device offers 2 tuners and 500GB of space which works out to 75 hours of recordings. You can easily watch and record over the air TV at home or on the go via its mobile device options.

The Amazon Fire TV Recast allows you to enjoy live sports, local news, late night shows, and much more via channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW, and Fox. You can also use Alexa to navigate your channel guide, saving you the need for tapping remote buttons. It’s super useful, as it is able to record great content before taking it out with you via the mobile app, and sure to help you catch up on your favorite shows.

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is normally priced at $230 but right now, you can snap it up for $150, saving you a massive $80 on the usual price.

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