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This GoPro Hero 7 Black battery bundle on Amazon saves you nearly $100

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Looking for the best Labor Day sales? Record all your adventures with the GoPro Hero 7 Black is currently on sale on Amazon for

as low as $324

through third-party sellers, the cheapest we’ve seen it so far. But surfing around, we found a bundle that starts you off with all the basics for $15 more, which is an outstanding deal.

Third-party seller TTP Retail is selling

a Hero 7 Black bundle

that includes the camera, an extra battery, and a PNY Elite-X 32GB MicroSDHC Card for just $15 more. With the Hero 7 Black itself retailing for $400, the battery $20, and the 32GB card $15, altogether you’re saving $95 over buying everything separately.

You’re going to enjoy your Hero 7 Black a whole lot more with these additional accessories. The battery life of the camera is roughly 90 to 120 minutes on a single charge — pretty average for an action camera, but certainly not enough to record a day’s worth of activities. The addition of a 32GB microSD card gives you plenty of space to store all that video, too.

The Hero 7 Black itself is an outstanding camera. While it is essentially a carbon-copy of the Hero 6 Black in terms of build and overall functionality, there are some key differences. Perhaps the biggest one is its HyperSmooth image stabilization. With this turned on, you’ll get gimbal-like image stabilization.

HyperSmooth makes the Hero 7 Black especially useful for those using their GoPros in action sports with a lot of jerky movement — think mountain biking, motocross, snowmobiling, and so on. We recommend you consider the Hero 7 Black first if you plan to use it in these situations, you’re going to be much happier with the end result.

The camera is also the first to support live streaming in the GoPro line. Through the app, you can stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, or any other service that accepts streams from an RTMP URL (a vast majority of streaming platforms do).

As with any third-party deal, the sale will likely not last long, and it could end at any time. Given the deep discounts offered here, we don’t see any reason why this sale would be any different. If you happen to miss it, there’s still plenty of other sales thanks to Labor Day on a wide variety of tech gadgets.

Be sure to check out Black Friday GoPro deals, so that you can leverage the Black Friday deals.

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Save a ridiculous $400 on Roborock S8 Pro Ultra for Black Friday
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Ready or not, the deals just won't quit coming, and we have another fantastic one for you right here. For Black Friday, Roborock is offering a whopping $400 off its S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum with a super convenient and auto-feature-rich dock. The vacuum alone is phenomenal, with accurate LiDAR-based navigation, an intelligent and liftable brush, and mop -- so your carpets won't get wet -- and fast charging so it can get back into action quickly. The dock self-washes, self-dries, self-empties, and self-refills the vacuum, and then it cleans itself to prevent mold and mildew build-up, and you don't even have to lift a finger for any of it. The discount drops the regular price of $1,600 down to $1,200, and it's a deal you don't want to miss. It will be over before you know it, so don't waste time shopping. You'll find more deals listed on Roborock's Black Friday deals page.
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There's really no way to oversell it because this system is truly amazing. Dubbed the RockDock Ultra, the dock that the S8 Pro Ultra comes with can do pretty much anything and everything. It self-washes, self-dries, self-empties, and self-refills the robot vacuum and mop unit between cleanings. But it also self-cleans the docking pad so that no mold or mildew builds up over time, which is important because this system will be coming and going, filling its water tank, emptying the debris it collects, and so on. In case it wasn't clear, it does all of this without you having to intervene for up to seven weeks.

Yes, let that sink in. The S8 Pro Ultra and its RockDock will continue operating, cleaning, refilling, and recharging, all on its own, without you having to do anything, for up to seven weeks. That's plenty of time to get you through the holidays and then some. Imagine never having to clean or mop your floors again. It's that simple.

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While Black Friday is the best time to buy a phone, many folks tend to worry about whether waiting for Cyber Monday is a better idea. This fear of missing out is pretty typical around these two shopping events, so let's take a look at that and some great Black Friday phone deals you can pick up.
Should you buy a phone on Black Friday?
The short answer is yes, you should buy a phone on Black Friday. While it's true we're likely to see many great deals on Cyber Monday, especially since they tend to mirror Black Friday deals, you can never guarantee that. As such, it's better to grab Black Friday phone deals as soon as you see one you like rather than waiting. Plus, even if you find a better deal on Cyber Monday, you can still refund your earlier purchase from Black Friday and pick up the newer and better deal.
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Straight Talk Apple iPhone SE (2020) -- $99, was $149

The Apple iPhone SE (2020) was a big surprise when it was released a couple of years ago since Apple always maintained a more premium product category. Even at a lower price, the SE is still a surprisingly powerful machine that uses the A13 Bionic chip. Granted, it's a bit dated at this point, but you can still get some great performance when playing games and using apps; at the very least, it's still quite snappy. Picture quality is, of course, excellent as ever, given that Apple has some of the best cameras in the industry. As for the screen, it's a 4.7-inch beauty with a resolution of 1,334 x 750 with True Tone, so it adjusts to your environment, which we love to see for a budget Apple phone. Of course, the most impressive part is that you can grab all of this through Straight Talk for less than $100, and while it is the older SE, it's still an excellent phone, but if you want to see the comparison, we have taken a look at the Apple iPhone SE (2022) vs. iPhone SE (2020).

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Save $100 on Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus when you download today
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If you're running your own small business as a freelancer or even expanded to the point where you've hired a few extra people, accounting can be quite tiring. In fact, accounting tends to take up a significant chunk of time that could otherwise be dedicated to doing work or running the business in other areas, which is why accounting software is so important. That's where Intuit Quickbooks comes in. It's a powerful tool to keep your business running, and Dell has discounted Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022 to $250 for a year's subscription, down from $350.

Probably one of the best bits about Quickbooks is the streamlined billing features, which not only allow you to easily send invoices but also pay bills without too much hassle. By connecting your bank account, you can create different workflows for a variety of different accounting activities, such as the two mentioned, as well as things such as employee payrolls. Even better, it has a robust reporting system with 100 different reports, such as information by customer, profitability, and even tax information that you can use to adjust your spending and your work.

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