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These Amazon and Samsung kids tablets are on sale for less than $100

Being stuck at home with kids can be quite the challenge —  if they’re bored. If you’re going to survive being around children for an extended period of time, you need a tried-and-tested way to keep them entertained and out of your hair. And if there’s anything living in the digital age has taught us, it’s that technology holds all the answers. That’s why we’ve rounded up three great cheap kids tablet deals for your tiny tots.

7-inch HighQ Learning Tab Jr. — $50, was $100

If your kids can’t go to school, bring the school to them with Epik Learning’s HighQ Learning Tab Jr. Designed with applications like Kidomi in mind, the HighQ Learning Tab Jr. offers kids from ages three to 11 with an immense collection of games and books that’ll keep them entertained for hours. From classic cartoon characters like the Looney Tunes to new friends like Talking Tom and Dr. Bubble, your child will have an absolute blast and learn while doing it. It’s a simple lineup, but you can be sure that you’ve got all the essentials at hand. The tablet is KidSafe-approved and has a wide variety of guardian tools to give the Learning Tab Jr. that extra layer of parental protection. You can keep an eye on everything your kids are doing with the tablet, so you can regulate screen time and watch them get achievements on all their favorite games.

Your children can take it anywhere they want, and you never have to worry about it breaking as easily as an iPhone. It’s shock-resistant, water-resistant, and, thankfully, completely ad-proof. With applications that can teach your kids a wide variety of advanced school lessons, you’re giving your kids a bright future to look forward to in fields like math, science, the arts, and even critical thinking. The HighQ tablet is a great companion device all the way to fifth grade with its preinstalled Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and many more. It’s currently on sale on Walmart for only $50, which — when compared to the investment you’re making — is an incredible bargain. 


7-inch Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite — $80, was $130

From one of the leading Android device manufacturers comes the Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite. With access to more than a million different applications combined for your kids to play and learn with, your children are in great hands. The Galaxy Tab E Lite’s built-in applications will engage even the most stubborn of kids and allow the brightest of the lot to excel beyond expectations. It’s all designed to give your kids the best possible educational experience in line with Common Core and STEM curricula while keeping everything fun, fresh, and exciting. Your kids also have access to their favorite characters from Dreamworks Animation and National Geographic, among others. The thrilling pool of games and applications with the Galaxy Tab E Lite is arguably more modern than the High Q Learning Tab Jr., but this comes at a price. To get the most out of your purchase, a monthly subscription of $5 is necessary. If money isn’t an issue, however, then you should be good to go. Even without the Samsung Kids subscription, though, your kids will still experience the same amounts of fun with what’s available.

Just like the High Q Learning Tab Jr., the Galaxy Tab E Lite allows you to monitor your kids’ activity to make sure they’re not having too much fun in one prolonged sitting. The tablet is also incredibly durable and shock-resistant. So, even if your kids ever “accidentally” drop it down the stairs, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite also boasts a longer battery life than some high-end tablets and laptops with a great eight hours. While your kids are taking a nap, you can plug it in for a quick charge and have it ready for more fun as soon as they wake up. You can find the Galaxy Tab E Lite at a discounted price of just $80 on Best Buy and pocket the $50 you can score in savings.


Amazon Kindle Kids Edition — $80, $110

10th generation Kindle Kids Edition e-reader

To round out our list is the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition, a favorite among some of our heavy readers. If you’re worried about your kids losing their minds over games, then give them a Kindle. You might just watch them lose their minds over a good book instead. With a near-limitless library of magical books and worlds of stories to jump into, your kids can experience all that the world has to offer while in the comfort of their own home. This is the perfect starter tablet for any young book lover. 

While it doesn’t have any educational games, for every one thing your child may learn in school, a hundred more can be found in a single book that no curriculum can ever teach. With popular classics like Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and Animal Farm, you can equip your children with knowledge and entertainment that will spark their creativity and ingenuity. As a parent, you can set parameters and check up on your kids’ reading progress. You can also set goals and know how much time was spent on a book. And don’t worry about distractions. The Kindle Kid Edition is completely internet-free, making this the perfect reading device for your child. To help your kids’ language skills grow, the tablet comes installed with a Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise. What they do is allow readers to look up definitions for difficult words, expanding your children’s’ vocabulary without needing a dictionary. If your kids love to read, then this is an ideal purchase. You can find it on Best Buy where it’s currently on sale for just $80.


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