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Shoot spectacular images with the Apeman Trawo camera, now $80 on Amazon

Need an action camera but can’t afford a GoPro? Well, you’re not alone. A GoPro is an impressive piece of equipment that captures stunning on-the-move images in high resolution, but it is slightly overpriced. If you need a camera that offers similar specs and performance (well, almost) for a fraction of the cost, you might want to look into the Apeman Trawo 4K action camera.

This new contender in the market for action cameras is available on Amazon for only $80, 27% less than its usual price of $110. That’s a quarter of the cost of the latest GoPro camera, Hero 7. But how well does it perform? Let’s jump right into it.

The Apeman Trawo looks suspiciously like a standard GoPro camera. It can shoot up to 4k30p (no 24p or 25p mode), 2.7k30p, 1080p60, and 720p120 resolution using an f1.8 lens and a Panasonic image sensor. In comparison, most action cameras use an f2.8 lens and a Sony image sensor.

The images it captures is pretty impressive, thanks to a 20-megapixel sensor. Shots taken in ample lighting are crisp, bright and very detailed. It also fares well in conditions with lots of shadows, like in a forest, though not as good as the GoPro Hero 6 or 7. Footage taken where natural light is plenty looks great, like on the beach or the city when the sun is at its peak. No glares here, which can be the issue with cheap cameras. Image stabilization is also quite good. Action shots taken while riding a bike provided exceptionally stable footage.

Its internal microphone, though, leaves a lot to be desired. Audio recordings sound muffled and echoey, but conversations are still intelligible. You’re better off using a second microphone. It doesn’t support an external microphone, so you have to do the tedious task of synchronizing the video footage and the audio post-production.

The Trawo comes with a lot of accessories, the ones that you normally have to buy separately with a GoPro camera. It includes a waterproof housing (which is really necessary as the camera itself is not waterproof), rear case cover, micro USB cable, microfiber cleaning cloth, wire strap, double-sided tape, and some Velcro straps. You also get seven case mounts, and three base mounts, which allows you to attach the Trawo to your bicycle or any slender pipe. You practically have everything you need for shooting all kinds of adventure.

The LCD screen isn’t touchscreen and takes up the entire backside of the camera. Operating the camera requires you to push the buttons found on the sides. There’s the power button, a multipurpose button where you normally find the shutter button, up and down buttons, and a recording button. It takes a bit of time getting used to the layout of the buttons. On the left side of the camera is a removable rubber cover that houses the micro SD card slot, micro USB port, and micro HDMI port.

The camera stumbles a bit when it comes to battery life. It only lasts for 45 minutes tops when used actively. Fortunately, there are two spare batteries included. Just bring the charger with you, a power bank, and you’re good to go.

All things considered, the Apeman Trawo 4K action camera is an exceptional budget action camera that’s definitely worth the buck. If you’re still not convinced on how good it is, check out this page for more affordable GoPro alternatives.

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