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The MasterClass online courses you should be taking while you’re stuck at home

When you’re stuck indoors for a while, even the joy of binge-watching the latest show on Netflix inevitably gets tired and old. While you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands and you’re indoors, what better way to use it than to spend some time learning a new skill?

MasterClass is a fantastic service that offers up a series of courses on all kinds of cool things from learning how to cook like Gordon Ramsay to mastering business leadership or even acting. This is the perfect time to master something you’ve always wanted to study. All the courses are under 20 lessons long with each lesson working out at 12 minutes each – ideal for bite-sized studying.

An annual membership with MasterClass costs $180 and for a limited time only, it gets you two passes so you can split the learning with a friend or loved one. With the all-access pass, you get hundreds of lessons from knowledgable instructors that you can easily access via your smart TV, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. With so many options available, we’ve narrowed things down to 10 highlights that are sure to fascinate you as you learn.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

Ever wished you could cook like Gordon Ramsay? This course takes you through the basics from learning about how his passion for cooking evolved, knowing what utensils to use, before moving onto mastering specific ingredients. It teaches you key recipes, too, like how to master chicken supreme with root vegetables, as well as what to do when filleting a fish. It’ll even show you how to make your own pasta.

Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography

OK, so you might be stuck indoors but this class from Jimmy Chin can still teach you a lot about understanding the principles of narrative, as you master telling a story through your photography. It’s a fascinating look at how Chin has captured some of his most iconic photos such as one from the top of the tallest building in the U.S. It also checks out editing, post-processing, and what gear is best for you.

Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana Teach Mixology

For when you can’t get to your favorite bar, you can bring the bar to you with mixology lessons from award-winning bartenders Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana. The pair teach you everything from how to concoct a mojito or whiskey smash, right down to more complex drinks like Sherry Spritz and Queen’s Park Swizzle. The pair also show off their signature drinks while teaching you some neat tips you might not have considered before.

Howard Schultz Business Leadership

If you’re keen to become a better business leader, or even to start a business, Howard Schultz is a knowledgable person to listen to. He doesn’t have an MBA or an Ivy League degree but he still built a little business called Starbucks. This course shows how he got there, as well as the things he learned along the way, such as the importance of intellectual curiosity, figuring out priorities, and how to keep ahead of the competition.

David Sedaris Teaches Storytelling and Humor

Many of us believe we have a great story that we’d love to tell the world, but don’t know how. Here, David Sedaris teaches how to write with meaning, from finding ideas to learning to connect concepts through humor. The 14 lesson course uses many examples of Sedaris’s work, before teaching you how to expand a simple idea and turn it into something more wondrous. It’s great for sparking your imagination.

Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

Acting might not seem like something you can perfect on your own, but these lessons from Samuel L. Jackson ensure you have the foundations all set. He looks at how to use your body to reflect your character’s personality, how to break down a script, as well as how to manipulate your voice correctly, and even tackle difficult emotions. It rounds off with a look at audition techniques, too.

Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design

Eying up your living space and don’t quite know where to begin with a redesign? Kelly Wearstler has all the details, teaching you how to choose colors that match, how to gain inspiration, and what to do with different textures. You’ll learn a lot in a short space of time about how best to work with balance and symmetry to create a gorgeous yet practical living space.

Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland breaks down his process for constructing beats, showing you how you can do the same from home. Starting with the concept of building a song around a beatbox, the process gets more complex as he discusses layering drums, and how to manipulate vocal samples. Throughout, you’re taught about the origins of some of his biggest songs including Are You That Somebody? and Pony.

Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ

Who doesn’t love great BBQ food? Aaron Franklin is an expert in BBQing and he teaches you everything you need to know. From building to managing a good fire to knowing how to smoke meat well, or even learning how to cut brisket correctly, Franklin has you covered. He even teaches how to create the perfect sauce for your ribs.

Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty

Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to learn how to make your makeup look amazing when you’re out and about again. With makeup artist Bobbi Brown on hand, you can perfect the application of simple and natural makeup that accentuates your looks without going over the top. Through the lessons, you’ll learn what parts of a makeup kit are essential, how foundation can help your skin tone, the importance of bronzer, as well as how to keep your skin healthy throughout the process.

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