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Work comfortably with these ergonomic office chairs — now up to $120 off

Whether you’re working tirelessly in the office or at home, the daily grind can take quite a toll on both you and your chair. When it comes to your workspace, a poor-quality chair can make or break not just your productivity, but your back, too. That’s why we put in the research and found a pair of fully adjustable and ergonomic mesh office chair deals from Brenton Studio and WorkPro that will save you time, cash, and visits to the chiropractor. For as cheap as $60 at Office Depot, you can up your comfort to a whole new level.

Brenton Studio Radley Mid-Back Task Chair — $60, was $150

The first up on our list is the Brenton Studio Radley mid-back task chair. It may be small in price, but it packs a huge discount of $90 off. The black design fits in just about any working environment and doesn’t call a distracting amount of attention onto itself; however — despite that — one look at it, and it’s difficult to ignore its stylish aesthetic and contemporary design. 

The most important facet to take note of is the innate lumbar support incorporated into its backrest. This means you can skip out on buying lumbar pillows and wearing uncomfortable wraps because long hours at the desk won’t be a huge pain since you can just sit back, relax, and then relax some more — all while your spine maintains its natural curvature. The seat component also keeps your rear gently cushioned with a waterfall design that’s specially molded to fit every size. Regardless of your shape, your bottom won’t be able to tell the difference between when your shift starts from when it ends. The recommended time of usage is only a maximum of four hours though, so this isn’t the best for whole-day schedules and is better for casual use.

The seat also has adjustable tilt tension, so you can freely customize how effortless it’ll be to convert your office chair into a makeshift recliner after a hard day’s work. Its maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds, so it’s not ideal if you’re unusually big-boned. But if you fit within its range, then you shouldn’t have any problems. The Brenton Studio Radley mid-back task chair is an excellent choice that gives you what you pay for — an optional two-chair deal for the price of one. You can check it out on Office Depot where it’s currently on sale for just $60, miles cheaper than the average office chair.


WorkPro 1000 Series Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair — $130, was $250

If you need a chair that will keep you comfortable for upward of 10 consecutive hours, the WorkPro 1000 Series mesh mid-back task chair fits the average office worker’s chair needs: it’s stylish, it’s ergonomic, and it’s nearly 50% off, letting you save $120. Like the Brenton Studio, this chair also comes in a classic and ever-attractive shade of black that wonderfully complements any (home) office. With more than 1,000 five-star reviews, we can guarantee that we aren’t the only ones satisfied with these chairs in our home offices.

Its backrest comes with built-in lumbar support that’s exceptionally sturdy and keeps your back feeling well-rested and comfortable even for long periods of time at the desk. With the help of its mesh back, your body and spine are kept refreshed and in peak condition because of the flexible malleability and breathability of the material. You can save money on additional lumbar supports and spend it on what really matters — a chair mat. As for the seat, its material is mildly coarse, but for the most part — considering you’ll likely be clothed — it’s a non-issue. It doesn’t have a waterfall seat design, but if you don’t need your rear end to fit a mold, it should satisfy most users in terms of comfort. The armrests and seat are both fully adjustable as well, so you can personalize the seat to fit your body type to a T. 

If you’re environmentally conscious, then you’ll also be glad to know that the seat is made with recycled elements. The wheels and casters are incredibly durable and free-flowing, allowing you to take this seat around without any dragging or mildly annoying wheel adjustments from turning or rotating. If there’s one downside to this chair, it is its average 250-pound weight capacity that limits who can use it before the chair starts needing its own support. But as long as you fit under the threshold, then you’re totally set. Considering the WorkPro 100 Series task chair has its premium retail price cut by nearly half, making it as affordable as other generic seats, you’d be wise to take advantage of a bargain like this. Head to Office Depot and check it out where it’s sale for only $130.


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