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Improve productivity on the cheap with this Dell 27-inch monitor

One of the best ways to improve your home office setup is to add an extra monitor to your desk. Whether you’re using a laptop that’s hooked up to an external monitor or looking to expand your desktop arrangement, an extra screen is a fantastic way to give yourself more screen space to get the important things done (or choose to take in some entertainment alongside your work). Dell offers some of the best screens out there and right now, you can buy an awesome 27-inch Dell monitor for just $150, saving you $110 on the usual price. It’s a great way to gain more screen space for less cash but you’ll need to be fast. Stock is strictly limited at this price and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The kind of monitor that could have featured in our look at the best monitors out there, this Dell 27-inch monitor has everything you could need at this price. At its core, of course, it offers a fantastic size. Not so big that it overwhelms your desk but also not so small that you miss out on the benefits that an extra display can provide when you’re working. It’s ideally suited so that if you have a large presentation to organize, you’ll be able to place your video calls on one screen while you look at notes on the other. Or if you simply want to spread out a little, you’ll be happy here.

It’s a remarkably beautiful monitor, too. With a modern and elegant design, it has built-in dual HDMI ports so you can switch between devices easily, with an ultra-thin bezel ensuring you don’t miss out on desk space because of it. With a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, you can use it for either work or play, and with up to a 75Hz refresh rate, it’s more than respectable at both. A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees is useful too if you want to show someone else what’s going on or you need to move around a lot.

Ideally suited for multiple situations, the Dell 27-inch monitor is great for working at home and also for kicking back and relaxing with streaming services or games. Whatever your intention, it’s available right now for just $150, saving you $110 on the usual price. It’s a no-brainer decision but you’ll need to be fast. As with many great Dell deals, stock is super limited and once it’s gone, it’s gone at this price.

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