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Grab the Dolby Dimensions wireless headphones for $200 less after Prime Day

Dolby Dimension
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Dolby is synonymous with audio excellence. The company has been making technologies centered on refining the auditory experience in entertainment media and people automatically associate the brand with supremacy — from theater audio systems to consumer electronic devices.

Now the company is making its first self-branded product in the form the Dolby Dimensions wireless headphones and as expected, it delivers the goods when it comes to sonic performance. You can get the Dimensions on Amazon as a Prime Day deal for $399 — $200 less than its normal retail price of $600. Hurry because this deal won’t last long.

The Dolby Dimensions wireless headphones are filled with unique features you wouldn’t normally find in your ordinary wireless headphones. For starters, these headphones are specially designed for home use. Unlike the best from Sony or Bose, the Dimensions don’t fold up nor have the longest battery life. What it lacks in those aspects it more than makes up in other ways. It’s capable of head tracking, so audio will sound like it’s coming from a fixed location, like a TV screen. This means that even when you’re fully immersed if you hear someone ring the doorbell or knock on the door, you can turn your head and know it’s not coming from where you’re watching.

Another advanced feature that this headphone has is the ability to save up to eight pairings and quickly toggle between connected devices easily. Even with multiple devices paired, you can seamlessly switch between them with zero glitches.

Probably the most significant of its features is the LifeMix system. This technology allows you to listen to your music or video while still hearing your surroundings. Using multiple microphones found on the headphones’ earcups, the Dimension mixes environment noises with the content that you’re listening to. You can adjust the Dimensions to operate at its full-noise cancellation capacity or boost outside noises. This way even if you’re listening on something on full blast, you can still have a conversation with someone without having to remove your headphones.

Although it doesn’t operate with the famous Dolby Atmos surround sound, Dolby claims that the Dimensions replicate the technology on a much smaller package. Using the headphones will let you hear subtle sound nuances like doors creaking or footsteps on a staircase. Dolby did help invent impressive sound, so when it comes to performance the Dimensions has it covered.

The Dimensions are extremely light at only 330 grams, which comes to a surprise since it’s a huge over-ear headphone. In fact, they’re the most comfortable pair we’ve ever tested. Wearing them over long periods of time won’t hurt your ears. It is covered with quality leather-like material from its earcups to its headband, and the earcups’ padding adjusts to your ear shape for comfort.

For nearly $400, the Dolby Dimensions wireless headphones are admittedly quite pricey. If it’s something affordable that you’re looking for, take a look at this page for cheaper headphones.

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