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This portable air conditioner and humidifier gets a sweet $50 discount on Amazon

Maintaining a pleasant personal space is one of the challenges of dorm living. One way to instantly improve the level of comfort in your own corner is with a personal and portable air conditioner. You can grab this Evapolar Evalight compact air cooler in white or black on Amazon at a discounted price right before school starts.

The three-in-one Evapolar Evalight compact cooling unit usually goes for $180. Get it in white for $130 or in black at $150 from Amazon today. Order yours now while the deal is live.

The Evapolar Evalight uses a natural evaporative cooling effect to safely chill the air without Freon. It can cool down an area up to 33 square feet located in front of it, which is roughly the size of a bed or desk. The resulting temperature drop can be to as low as 59 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the condition of the air.

Setting up the Evapolar Evalight air cooler is fairly simple. Fill the removable water tank before powering it up. Then, plug it to an outlet, power bank, or your laptop’s USB port. You will feel the full cooling effect after about 10 minutes when the cartridge has completely absorbed the water. It says on the official website that the tank needs to refilled every three to five hours, so your sleep might be interrupted when you use the device overnight.

Since the Evapolar Evalight releases moisture in the air, it also serves as a humidifier. It can help create a better environment during both warm and cold months. Plus, this three-in-one device purifies the air by filtering dust particles thanks to its fully biodegradable evaporative pads.

Easily control the fan speed and sound level of your Evapolar Evalight with its logical menu interface. You can also change the color of the built-in LEDs to match your mood and the interior.

Order your Evapolar Evalight compact air cooler from Amazon today. You can get a 28% discount on the white unit or a 17-percent discount on the black unit when you buy now.

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