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Fitnation is giving away free $100 Amex cards with purchases during the holidays

There may be nothing more important, or challenging, than staying fit this winter. And it’s easier than ever with these fitness deals. Meanwhile, the folks at Fitnation have figured out a special way to help inspire you towards health and exercise. Right now, with the purchase of certain items over $200 — like their deeply discounted Flex Bike Ultra and Vertical Cycle Trainer — Fitnation will throw in an American Express gift card with a $100 value. Staying fit this winter is an important challenge, not just for your physical wellbeing, but for your mental health and your productivity at work, as well, so make sure to check out all Fitnation products to make sure you’re getting the gear that’s right for you.

Flex Bike Ultra – $240, was $300 (and get a $100 Amex gift card)

Biking is simply fantastic exercise. It’s easy on your joints, has low resistance, and is a highly recommended cardiovascular activity. With the Flex Bike Ultra, you can add anaerobic elements to your cycling challenge as well. And unlike Peleton or Soul Cycle, there’s no giant subscription fee. The bike contains six levels of adjustable magnetic resistance so that you can tailor your cycling workout to your fitness level. Also, there are built-in, upper-body resistance bands so that you can work your arms, chest, shoulders, and back while you pedal. All the while, an informative and easy-to-use LCD will track your progress in different ways, including pulse, calories, distance, time, and speed. The bike itself is made of heavy-duty steel frame construction, so you know it’s solid. And there’s a comfortable, adjustable cushion seat, and foot pedals designed with safety straps. Best of all, when you’re done your workout, the Flex Bike Ultra folds up, making it a dream for storage. Your cycling workout just got a whole lot easier, healthier, and less expensive.

Vertical Cycle Trainer — $300, was $500 (and get a $100 Amex gift card)

We know biking is great for us, but some of us feel like we could be doing more. That’s where the Vertical Cycle Trainer comes in. When we’re biking, and we need that extra push — to get up a hill for instance — we stand on our pedals to gain more leverage and activate different muscles. With the Vertical Cycle Trainer, you’re standing the entire time, which effectively burns more calories than biking while sitting. It’s a whole different workout that’s hyper-effective and really allows you to feel the burn. The vertical cycle comes equipped with three different levels that zoom on different muscle groups to work out. They’ve improved the pedal design, as well as the vertical frame to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit, and there’s an easy-to-use dial to increase or decrease resistance. And, just like the Flex Bike Ultra, the Vertical Cycle Trainer folds up for easy and neat storage. With $200 off, as well as a $100 gift card from Amex, this is a deal you’ll want to jump on before it speeds off.

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