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Amazon discounts these top-of-the-line Roomba robot vacuums, up to $300 off

Modern robot vacuums have truly taken home cleaning to new heights. Their stellar cleaning performance and smart technology make it possible to maintain your floors in tip-top shape with little to no effort on your part. The latest models can even be controlled hands-free and automatically empty themselves, allowing you to literally vacuum without having to lift a finger.

iRobot’s Roomba line has long been a leader when it comes to powerful robotic vacuums, covering different specifications at every price range. Two of its top-of-the-line models are the Roomba s9+ and Roomba i7+, and right now, both are enjoying discounts on Amazon for up to $300 off. Experience superior floor vacuuming without missing out on savings by jumping on these great Roomba deals.

iRobot Roomba s9+ – $1,099 ($300 off)

iRobot Roomba S9
Terry Walsh / Digital Trends

Dubbed as the iPhone 11 Pro max of robot vacuums, the Roomba s9+ is the best robot vacuum on the market, hands down. The iRobot team decided to build this latest model from the ground up, resulting in a robot vacuum that not only looks noticeably different outside but is also significantly better under the hood.

With the s9+, the company ditched the usual hockey puck-inspired profile of its Roombas and went instead for a flat-fronted, D-shaped design to improve cleaning in edges and corners. Other physical enhancements include a larger, more powerful cleaning head and a vacuum motor that delivers 40 times the suction of older generations. There’s also a new 3D sensor in the front bumper that’s meant to boost wall detection, floor navigation, and avoidance of obstacles.

In terms of cleaning performance, this Roomba robot vacuum is a beast. Its powerful suction motor does a great job of sweeping, dislodging, and picking up dust and debris on hard floors, carpets, and rugs. There are different cleaning modes available as well, including the Quick Clean setting or the Detailed Cleaning for maximum power. You’ll also be able to tweak suction power and cleaning passes to your personal preference.

The iRobot team claims it made enhancements in the connection between the s9+ and the CleanBase dirt disposal charging station to deliver a better seal during emptying. When the robot completes a cleaning job, it will trundle back to the base for recharging, and the CleanBase will then suck the dirt out of the robot. The bag can hold up to 30 bins of dust and debris from the robot and self-closes neatly as it’s extracted from the base.

If you’ve got the cash to splash out on a robot vacuum, it doesn’t get any better than the iRobot Roomba S9+. You can get it bundled with two dirt disposal bags, one North American line cord, two extra high-efficiency filters, and two extra side brushes at a discounted price of $1,099 on Amazon, or $300 below the standard retail price.


iRobot Roomba i7+ – $799 ($200 off)

If you fancy the idea of a self-emptying robot vacuum but find the s9+ too rich for your blood, then check out the Roomba i7+. This model is a recipient of the Digital Trends’ Editor’s Choice seal, and it’s not hard to see why. Its automatic dirt disposal offers a solid level of convenience that eliminates the need for you to empty the dust bin after every clean. This feature neatly deposits the captured dust and debris into an enclosed bag with enough capacity for a maximum of 30 cleans. It also comes with smart charge technology that allows the robot to recharge and resume as necessary until the job is complete.

Similar to most Roomba robot vacuum models, the i7+ uses a patented three-stage system to clean hard floors and carpets. This system consists of dual multi-surface brushes that loosen dirt and debris for a deeper clean, an Auto-Adjust cleaning head that keeps the brushes and the surface in close contact, and powerful lifting suction that efficiently picks up messes.

What places it leagues ahead of the previous models, however, is the Imprint Smart Mapping. This technology is comprised of cameras and sensors that guide the robot in learning the floor arrangement of each room. With this feature, you can easily select what and when rooms are cleaned through the iRobot Home app. You’ll also be able to command it just by using your voice with its support for Google Assistant and Alexa.

The iRobot Roomba i7+ may now be overshadowed by the newer s9+, but it’s still an excellent choice for homeowners in need of innovative floor cleaning solutions. This former best robot vacuum normally sells for $999, but Amazon’s price cut lets you have it for only $799. Order today while the deal is live.


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