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This Logitech gaming headset just got a $60 price cut at Walmart

A person wearing the Logitech Pro X headset.

All gamers, whether you’re enjoying single-player adventures or you’re always engaging in online multiplayer matches, need a decent gaming headset. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of gaming headset deals that you can shop, but you’ll want to purchase one right now if you want to get it in time for the holidays. It’s highly recommended that you take advantage of Walmart’s offer for the Logitech Pro X gaming headset, which slashes its price by $61 to make it more affordable at just $99, from its original price of $160.

Logitech is a mainstay in Digital Trends’ best gaming headsets, so you won’t be disappointed with the Logitech Pro X. The wired gaming headset is powered by PRO-G 50mm drivers that deliver clear and precise audio, with DTS Headphone:X 2.0 enabling next-generation surround sound and a new level of distance awareness that makes it easier to distinguish near-field and far-field audio, so you know where your enemies are located from the sound that they make. It also comes with a detachable microphone that features Blue Voice technology, which includes a noise reducer, compressor, and limiter for consistently clear communications with your teammates that may spell the difference between victory and defeat.

For gamers who often play for several hours at a time, the Logitech Pro X gaming headset will stay comfortable on your head because of its soft, memory foam earpads. It’s durable, as its lightweight frame is made out of aluminum and steel, which also delivers a premium aesthetic for the gaming headset. If you don’t want to use the boom mic, the Logitech Pro X also comes with a mobile cable featuring an inline mic.

If you need a gaming headset or you want to upgrade from a basic one, the Logitech Pro X is a solid choice. You can purchase the gaming headset from Walmart for just $99 after a $61 discount to its original price of $160. Supply is limited and shipping channels are expected to get congested soon, so to make sure that you get the Logitech Pro X gaming headset before Christmas, you don’t have time to waste. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

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