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These are the gadgets our readers couldn’t live without in 2017

Here’s a number for you: $21.5 million.

That’s how much money your fellow Digital Trends readers spent on Amazon just this year, and that’s only what we managed to keep track of. With the convenience and efficiency of Amazon free 2-day shipping, it’s no surprise more and more people are choosing to shop online in this digital age. With almost a million purchases in the books for 2017, we have just one question on the forefront of our minds — what are you guys buying?

As a member of Digital Trends’ ecommerce team, I had the distinct pleasure of sorting through your economic life choices. While most purchases were on par with what we’d expect, some of you went to some dark places. I’m talking custom Nicolas Cage pillowcase dark. I do my best not to judge, but if you’re reading this right now while resting your head on Nic Cage, know that I am very disappointed in you.

Anyway, here are some of the most sold products on Digital Trends in 2017. If you missed out on these buying trends, don’t worry, you have all of 2018 to catch up.

Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are an important piece of tech for anyone who has ears and enjoys listening to sweet tunes. While there are a lot of expensive options out there, this pair of entry-level wireless earbuds are a great way to get music to your ears without paying a pretty penny.

You can pick up this Amazon best-seller for just $30.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Streaming your favorite shows and movies is an essential part of living these days, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick makes that easier than ever. With a bevy of different apps and the addition of voice control, this handy little streaming device is a must-have. I actually bought one of these for myself, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

You can pick up your very own Fire TV Stick for just $40 on Amazon, or take a look at our review for more info.

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Anker PowerCore 10,000

Everyone has a mobile phone, which means everyone has the same mobile phone problem. I’m talking about poor battery life, of course. This handy little portable power bank will give you the extra juice you need to make sure you can get through the day without having to interact with the outside world directly.

You can pick up this best-selling mobile device for just $26 on Amazon.

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NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition

There’s no doubt that 2017 was a great year for nostalgia. With the release of the NES Classic Edition, everyone with pleasant memories of the gaming system of their childhood jumped at the chance to relive the good old days. Though this retro gaming console sold out almost immediately upon release, it’s back on Amazon for anyone who missed out.

You can pick up this nostalgia machine on Amazon for $239 or take a look at our roundup of retro gaming consoles for more options.

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Samsung CF791 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor

Samsung CF791 monitor review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

If you’re looking for the ultimate viewing experience, a curved computer monitor is the way to go. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just want the two monitor experience without having to add a second monitor, you’ll love the immersive experience this Samsung monitor provides.

You can pick up this curved monitor for $750 on Amazon or take a look at our review for more info.

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Audio-Technica Professional Turntable

Audio Technica Turntable

More nostalgia? Yes please! This awesome turntable from Amazon gives you everything you need to enjoy the smooth sounds of vinyl without having to hop into a time machine. Digital Trends readers bought an absurd amount of turntables in 2017, and the trend seems to be continuing into the new year.

You can pick up the Audio-Technica Turntable for just $249 or take a look at our favorite turntables under $500.

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Tile Mate Keyfinder

Tile Mate Keyfinder

Do you ever lose your keys? Unless you’re some sort of superhuman key master, the answer is yes. The Tile Mate helps you keep track of your stuff without having to really pay attention to where you are putting it. With the help of a mobile app and GPS tracking, the Tile Mate will be your best friend when you’re in a rush but seem to have misplaced everything.

You can pick up a this handy tracking device on Amazon for just $20.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

If you’re an avid gamer, then you’re probably very aware of how important good sound is to the overall experience. Games have come a long way since the early days, and a big part of that has been some pretty epic soundtracks. These Turtle Beach headphones are both affordable and immersive, making them a Digital Trends best-seller.

You can pick up this gaming headset for just $55 on Amazon, or take a look at some of our favorite gaming headsets for more options.

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