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Ninja Foodi multi-cooker air fryer in the sale bin in time for Memorial Day

Best Buy’s Memorial Day sales include solid deals on top quality, popular products. You can save $50 on the Ninja Foodi OP301 6.5-quart multi-cooker air fyryer. The Foodi OP301 combines two of the most popular countertop appliances: Pressure cookers and air fryers.

You can use the Ninja Foodi OP301 model in place of a variety of other appliances. The OP301’s cooking functions include pressure cooking, slow cooking, searing and sautéing, baking, broiling, steaming, dehydrating, and air frying with air crisping. You can also use the Foodi as a food warmer.

When you cook with the Ninja Foodi OP301 in pressure cooking mode, you’ll be pleased with the timing. Pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than slow cooking, braising, or low-simmer methods.  Air frying gives you the ability to prepare fried dishes and snacks your family and friends love using up to 75% less cooking oil compared to cooking with a deep fryer.

The Ninja Foodi’s unique combination of cooking technologies provides greater versatility than you might expect. For example, you can use the pressure cooking lid to cook meals and lock in the juices and flavor and then switch to the Air Crisper lid to finish the food with a crispy outer surface.

The convenience of Ninja’s pressure cooking and air frying allows you to defrost and pressure cook food at the same time. You can also use the Foodi’s simple control panel settings for cooking multiple food types at the same time in a single pot. When a meal finishes cooking, the Foodi automatically keeps it warm for up to 12 hours.

The Foodi OP301 comes with the 1,400-watt cooking base, a pressure cooking lid, an air crisping lid to use with air frying, a 6.5-quart ceramic-coated cooking pot, a stainless steel reversible steaming/broiling rack, and a 4-quart ceramic-coated Cook & Crisp Basket. You can cook a 5-pound whole chicken in the cooking pot or air fry 3 pounds of chicken in the Cook & Crisp Basket.

Usually priced $230, the Ninja Foodi OP301 pressure cooker and air fryer multi-cooker is on sale for $180 during Best Buy’s Memorial Day sale, a $50 savings. If you want to conserve counter space and gain a myriad of cooking functions with a single appliance, take advantage of this deal.

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