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Grab the new Pikachu 2DS XL and score a free game and Poké Ball power bank

Nintendo has had the portable gaming market in its pocket since its classic Game Boy lit up the scene in 1989. The company’s 3DS continues to dominate, thanks to its great hardware and an awesome library of games. The handheld system’s built-in stereoscopic 3D, on the other hand, is one feature that many gamers were ambivalent about, with many choosing to rarely use it to preserve battery life.

Nintendo later released the 2DS due to demand for a cheaper handheld for players who couldn’t care less about the stereoscopic 3D. The 2DS proved to be a success, leading the Pikachu 2DS XLiconic Japanese gaming company to roll out some special-edition systems like this Pikachu 2DS XL, which features the clamshell form factor and vibrant dual displays of the 3DS. Now, you can score this limited-edition 2DS XL along with a free game and Pokémon-themed power bank — the perfect deal for budding Pokémon masters.

The Pikachu 2DS XL is compatible with the entire lineup of 3DS games, the only difference being that the handheld has no 3D functionality — hardly a problem for the many users who never bothered to use this feature. If you’re one such gamer, then the 2DS XL is a great alternative to the more expensive 3DS, giving you the same hardware, bright and clear displays (which are 82 percent larger than those on the standard 2DS), and a folding design that keeps the screens protected while the unit is stowed in your pocket or bag.

The special-edition Pikachu 2DS XL goes for $160, but this Walmart-exclusive bundle lets you score some free bonuses for a limited time: Along with the handheld console, you get a Pikachu 2DS XL bundlephysical copy of the action-packed Fire Emblem Warriors, along with a Poké Ball-style USB power bank – a combined $60 value – totally free. The Poké Ball power bank features a 10,000mAh battery and two ports for of your USB devices, and if you grab a 3DS USB charger cable for a few bucks from Amazon, you can even use it to juice up your 2DS.

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