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200,000 Amazon shoppers love these smart scales, and they’re $20 today

The Renpho digital body fat scale standing upright next to a phone displaying the Renpho Smart App.

If you’re looking to lose some weight or get into shape as we head into the time of year for warmer weather, there’s a lot of great tech out there to help you along the way. A scale is something you’ll need for certain, and right now you can get a Renpho digital wireless body fat scale at Amazon for just $20, which is a $15 savings from its regular price of $35. That’s a nearly 50% savings, and this smart scale will make a great part of your weight loss tech arsenal alongside one of the best exercise bikes and one of the best treadmills. This is a limited-time deal, so click over to Amazon now to claim it while you can.

This Renpho digital wireless body fat scale is a versatile option for anybody looking to lose weight and get into shape, as it is able to monitor 13 essential body measurements. Using the Renpho, the digital scale is able measure body weight, BMI, and body fat percentage, among other things. The user-friendly app is perhaps one of the most enticing features of purchasing this wireless digital scale, as it comes with an easy setup process and works with Fitbit App, Google Fit, and Apple Watch. More than 200,000 reviewers have chimed in on Amazon’s product review page for this scale, and Renpho has millions of happy users around the globe.

While this Renpho digital wireless scale brings lots of smarts to your fitness world, it also brings several other benefits. Because it’s a body fat scale and not just a weight scale, it’s able to provide precise body fat measurements. It does this with high-sensitivity sensors and electrodes that give you precise body measurements, making it a much more specific weight loss option over a traditional scale. Rounding out the top features of the Renpho digital wireless body fat scale are a baby weight mode, the ability to share your progress on social media platforms, and secure Bluetooth connectivity.

Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds after hibernating for the winter or want to develop an intense workout regimen, the Renpho digital wireless body fat scale will fit nicely alongside your other weight loss tech. It’s currently just $20 at Amazon, which is a $15 savings from its regular price of $35. This is a limited-time offer and the clock continues to count down, so click over to Amazon and grab this deal while you can.

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