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We can’t believe how cheap this Samsung robot mop is today

Keeping floors clean is a constant battle for any household, which is why it can be such a relief to see the discounted cleaning gadgets in these tobot vacuum deals, and Roomba deals. Today, at Walmart, Samsung is adding another layer of clean and convenience with this Jetbot Robot Mop, for $50 off. Right now, it’s down to only $249, a deep discount from its regular price of $299. Forget about all the work that goes into mopping, and have clean floors and peace of mind, for way less. Only today and only at Walmart.

Few things can be more time-consuming and annoying than mopping, but it’s a necessary evil to keeping floors, and the rest of your home, free of dirt, pet hair, and grime. If you’re someone who wants to be free of those worries, and that labor, and wants an automatic mop that will work on all types of floors, including tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood, the Samsung Jetbot Robot could be the robot mop for you.

When we say mop, we don’t mean some lazy drag of a wet rag across the floor — we’re talking about a deep, thorough clean. Jetbot Mop has powerful Dual Spin technology, in which two pads spin at super-fast speeds, allowing the mop to cover your floor efficiently, while it’s on the move. And it’s equipped with an automatic water dispenser, wherein it pushes out just the right amount of water, based on the amount of cleaner you add, to keep the pads just the right degree of dampness for the perfect clean and quick drying experience. It can run up to 50 minutes before it needs a refill.

And the Samsung Jetbot Robot is smart. Its sensors are programmed to avoid walls, carpets, furniture, and other objects. It even has the capability to avoid falling off stairs or ledges. At the same time, the pads’ design allows them to reach difficult-to-access areas, giving every nook and corner a good scrub. Your floors will be cleaner than ever, and you’ll not only be saved the time and effort but the worries too.

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