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Save up to $100 on select Sandisk Memory Cards for Nintendo Switch

Having enough storage is vital in our age of digital media, and that’s especially true for gaming. In fact, digital video games are probably the largest items that people download to their devices today (be it a PC or console), and if you’re one of the millions of proud Nintendo Switch owners, you’ve likely felt the sting of having to delete some games to make room for that new title you just bought on the eShop. If your console’s storage is starting to get a bit tight, now’s a great time to upgrade it with one of these SanDisk memory cards for the Nintendo Switch which are marked down at Best Buy right now for as low as $20.

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With only 32GB of built-in space for digital downloads, the Nintendo Switch has the smallest amount of storage of any of the modern gaming consoles by a pretty wide margin. Of course, Nintendo never intended for its unique Switch console to directly compete with Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox, but this nevertheless feels like a corner that got cut a little too closely. Thankfully, both the standard Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite have a microSD card port that makes it easy for digital download junkies to expand their console’s storage space, and with these discounted SanDisk memory cards for the Nintendo Switch, you don’t have to pay much to fix one of the Switch’s (very few) shortcomings.

Any name-brand microSD cards will work with your Switch, but for the best experience — namely, faster load times and better long-term reliability — you should opt for memory cards that are purpose-made for the console. These SanDisk microSDXC cards are officially licensed by Nintendo for just that purpose: With read speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second and write speeds of up to 90 MBps (60 MBps for the 64GB card), the SanDisk memory cards will quickly load and run all of your digital Switch games so you can dive right into the action. And although they’re made for the Switch, these work just fine with any other devices that accept microSD cards as well.

These discounted SanDisk microSDXC cards are currently on sale in four different sizes: The 64GB memory card for $20 ($30 off), the 128GB memory card for $30 after a $37 discount, the 256GB memory card for $55 after a $45 price cut, and the beefy 400GB memory card for just $100 — a whopping $80 savings. And for the ultimate storage capacity, the 512GB memory card is just $130 , saving you $100.

64GB Memory Card

128GB Memory Card

256GB Memory Card

400GB Memory Card

512GB Memory Card

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